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Job Change

Where can I find my dream job? What channels would work best for me? You can find all the answers here.

Dream Company

How can I find the best information about my potential new employer? What sources can I use to find relevant info?


Here you can find tips & tricks for designing and putting together your application documents - including free checklist and template downloads.

Job Interview

Here you can find tips and information covering all aspects of your interview, so you'll be fully prepared when the time comes.

Salary Negotiation

Read more about which factors influence your salary and how to negotiate the best outcome.


Make your training on the job successful.

Advanced Training

When is further training a good idea? What are the benefits of conitnuing vocational training? Learn more here.

Digital work

Homeoffice, Social Media & Co. Learn how to use digital technology for your daily work.

Download Area

Here you can download a CV template as well as checklists for both interviews and your application documents.

New Work

Here you will find interesting topics on New Work concepts.

Video - Successful application (Duration 2:30 min, Video is in German only)


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The Hays CV-Guide

Your path to the perfect resume

We will guide you step by step so that you can impress your potential new employer with the perfect CV. Stand out from the mass of applications (only in German).

Staffing process

Your dream job is only a few steps away

Learn more about our application and staffing process for permanent employment or freelance projects.

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