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General enquiries Bina Brünjes
IT Andreas Sauer
Finance Fabian Knobelspies
Life Sciences Falko Lehmann
Construction & Property Markus Rosemeier
Engineering Markus Rosemeier
Healthcare Sandra Sonnenberg
Legal/Patent Bina Brünjes
Sales & Marketing Hilal Wrobel
Retail Hilal Wrobel

Benefits of Hays Executive

Through their ideas, motivation and personalities, it's people who determine the future of companies.

We know how important the right executive is for the success of your business. As a strong and experienced partner for your company, we have the network, market and industry knowledge to effectively fill your executive vacancies.

Our specialised and decentralised approach gives you direct access to the right top executives to suit your company.

Our services include

  • On-site requirements analysis at the customer’s
  • Definition and elaboration of the requirements profile
  • Salary level allocation
  • Market analysis and selection of an effective sourcing method
  • Research and pre-selection of suitable candidates based on the following approaches/sources: Direct contact, internal candidate pool, international executive network of Hays, research centres, personal networks
  • Professional personal interviews with potential candidates (check of skills)
  • Presentation of a shortlist
  • Aptitude assessment as well as background and reference check of the selected candidates
  • If requested by the customer: Support with and summary of the job interviews
  • Regular status reporting on the project progress
  • If requested by the customer: Support with the contract negotiations
  • Onboarding and integration support

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