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Everything you need for the new era of work – guides, articles and tips to help you, your team and your organization successfully prepare for what´s coming next – all whilst working remotely.

As the world of work evolves, we are here to support you through both the current challenges and your longer-term planning. Discover all our latest insights below.

Back to office

Step by step - returning to the office

To support you in this, we have created a clearly structured flyer with protective measures and rules of conduct for your employees (only in German).


Maintaining your team’s wellbeing remotely

With remote working now the norm, the wellbeing of our teams has never been more important. How can you maintain your team’s wellbeing on a remote basis?


Onboarding from home office

Your guide to recruiting, onboarding and retaining new employees from the home office.

Work Culture

5 tips to maintain the work culture even when working remotely

Currently, the world of work is more than ever characterised by location-independent work, but its implementation can present employers with certain difficulties that must be overcome (only in German).


Digital networking: the right way

Right now, it offers people who have so far only had analogue networking, the opportunity, to strengthen their digital networking skills (only in German).


E-Learning in times of crisis

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Hays succeeded in setting up a viable, scalable and content-validated training concept for the remote training of all employees within two weeks (only in German).

Video tools

Working and setting in the home office

A guide to video tools and best practices for video conferencing.

Hiring remotely

How to interview remotely

Interviewing a new candidate using Skype or another video tool has some very different considerations from interviewing face-to-face. Make sure you know everything you need to make your next hire a success.


Remote management and remote collaboration

Working together effectively and successfully through remote management and remote collaboration (only in German).

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