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Digital Consulting

Experience digital innovation in our core areas of sales, recruiting and learning with our digital consulting services. Both technology and people play an important role in digital change.

Our aim is to develop innovative digital solutions for and with you that will make your business even stronger.

Our digital consulting services 

Digital Consulting

Social Selling

Transform your business towards more successful sales and more targeted recruitment, achieving a better market perception thanks to digitally savvy employees.

Digital Consulting

Recruiting & Staffing

Given the abundance of new technologies, it is difficult to keep track of them: Which ones are useful? How are they implemented? We at Hays know the current recruiting technologies.

Digital Consulting

Digital Learning

Sustainable competence development is a strategic success factor for your company. Create the right digital and analogue framework for upskilling your workforce. Let’s look into the art of learning together.


End-to-End Automation

Scalability is becoming an increasingly important requirement for all organisations. Seize the opportunity to automate and digitalise your processes with us.


Change Motivation

Digitalisation means change. We explain how motivation develops and identify with you the opportunities and boundaries of your influence on the behaviour of your employees.

KeyNote from Markus Härlin on Social Selling (only in German)


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Social selling helps transform businesses – not only towards more successful sales and more targeted recruitment, but also towards a better market perception and more digitally savvy employees.


Digital Consulting | Social Selling (02:09 Min.) (only in German)

The benefits of social selling at a glance

  • Increased sales success

  • More targeted recruitment

  • Better and more transparent perception in the market

  • Digitally savvy employees

Our services for you: conceptual design and implementation of a social selling programme for marketing, sales, recruitment and corporate influence

  1. 1
  2. Maturity Audit

    We will analyse your company’s social media presence and the degree of maturity of your employees. In addition, we will carry out a market and potential assessment and make recommendations based on your objectives.

  3. 2
  4. Consulting

    You will receive professional advice on your social selling programme, including relevant materials and a detailed concept for the next steps.

  5. 3
  6. Rollout and management

    Work with leading social selling experts who will manage the entire process – from the vision, technology, key figures and training through to mindset shifts.

  7. 4
  8. Support and coaching

    Support for social selling programmes by coaches and consultants , even after the rollout.

Read the Hays fact sheets on our social selling services (only in German)

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Given the abundance of new recruitment solutions, it is difficult to keep track of them.

  • What solutions are useful?
  • How are they implemented?

We at Hays know the current recruiting technologies.
Our strong and partly exclusive partnerships with Google, LinkedIn and XING enable us to always have an informed look into the future.

Our services for you: Needs analysis and consulting regarding the use of recruiting technologies and strategies suitable for you.

Our products and services for you  


Digital Consulting Recruiting Audit

Digital Recruiting Audit

  • Maturity level analysis of your digital recruitment with regard to technology, people & processes. Benchmark analysis as an indicator for the level of differentiation from the competition.


Digital Consulting Digitales Ökosystem

Concept for a digital ecosystem in your recruiting process

  • Harmonisation of all digital recruiting measures in order to collect, interpret & translate information into concrete actions in the best possible way. The goal is to advance human interaction through the use of technology to provide the best candidate experience possible.


Digital Consulting Recruiting Audit

       Joint Innovation

  • Thanks to powerful data analysis programs, digital tools and our experience, skills and good intuition, we find the perfect match. We believe in growing together with our customer – be it by optimising or customising existing concepts or by replacing them with better alternatives.


“Presence is becoming a justified exception”, is what one often hears in digital learning networks. Hybrid models with analogue, digital, formal and informal learning formats are the future.

Learning is not an end in itself. - What is it actually about?

Onboarding, for example, is about arriving at the new job as quickly as possible. If we know what challenges we want or have to face, we can define our learning strategy.

Get some initial impetus for this in this video.

Our services for you:

Let us take a look at the big picture of your learning environment together. We will help you identify the most important fields of action. Click here to see an enlarged version of the graphic.

We will advise you on the conversion of your analogue training formats into digital or hybrid models. At Hays, we made this change in 2014.

“Hays Learning” – our learning management system with a large number of online learning materials for our customers.
If you would like to register your company, please contact:

Compliant Sourcing®: With our web-based training (WBT) on the compliant use of external personnel, you sensitise your employees and increase your compliance regarding external personnel:

Go to Compliant Sourcing

Learning in the coffee kitchen? Sure! The use of digital media is also being discussed there. Together with our partners and experts, we will accompany you on your journey to the informal learning world.

We will be happy to implement AI-based learning approaches, AR/VR, EPSS (electronic performance support systems), etc. together with our partners.

Hays in 3rd place in the Digital Marketing Benchmark

In the Digital Marketing Benchmark 2021, Hays came third out of 29 personnel services companies. This shows that we have understood the topic of digitalisation and that we ourselves are at the forefront with our systems and processes. The Digital Marketing Benchmark is compiled annually by and the Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband e.V. (German Direct Marketing Association) and analyses the digitalisation progress in marketing of over 5,000 companies from all sectors.

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning


Are you aiming for an end-to-end automation of your processes? Be it vendor management systems, API integrations with e-procurement systems (e.g. SAP Ariba) or the use of modern technologies (e.g. RPA) – we will accompany and support you in the transformation from manual to automated to digital processes, thereby increasing the no-touch rate.

Our services for you:

Icon Brille


We will analyse and understand your processes:

  • Internal consultants will analyse your recruitment processes.
  • All other processes will be analysed in cooperation with one of our partners.
Icon Laptop


Together, we will identify suitable technologies and solutions for the automation of your processes.

Icon Haken


Joint implementation of the solutions.


“Successful digitalisation is the changed behaviour of people based on new technology.”
(Stephan Rathgeber, digitalisation expert)

Companies depend on their employees’ willingness to change. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that we can adapt if the outer conditions force us to do so. But what influence do companies and managers have on motivation beyond that?

Our services for you:

Icon Tisch


We will explain the aspects of motivation and behaviour in a presentation.

Icon People


In addition, we will identify individual possibilities but also the boundaries of taking influence in a workshop.

„Ich will, dass du willst!“ – Haben wir Einfluss auf Lernmotivation?

Sie können jemandem das Lernen nicht abnehmen. Trotzdem können Sie einiges dafür tun, sich selbst und andere zu motivieren und dranzubleiben. In diesem Video finden Sie kurz und knackig einige Impulse dazu.

Your benefits:

  • You will be able to apply specific measures to create and keep up motivation.
  • You will consciously choose a communication style that promotes motivation, create meaningful processes, select the right people for your messages and use the appropriate technology.

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