If you want to find the right freelancer for a project, a wide range of options is available online. Searching through project portals can cost a lot of time and may not even yield the desired result. Hays offers professional support for finding the right people for your projects.

Why it makes sense to fill vacancies with external professionals

It is often new and temporary projects that require the use of external professionals because companies do not have the right internal staff. In such a case, new positions may be created, but sometimes temporary external support is the method of choice. The last one offers some advantages:

  • Freelancers have the technical expertise and experience for the tendered project.
  • In a lot of cases, external professionals are available at any time and at short notice.
  • If financial resources are limited, contracting an external expert has the advantage that only contract fulfilment needs to be paid for, so apart from the expert’s fee, no other overheads are accrued.
  • Freelancers specialise in grasping complex tasks within a short time frame and use their know-how and experience to produce quick efficient solutions.

What to take into account when looking for freelancers

When looking for and contracting freelancers, concentrate on expertise. Temporary contracts for using external professionals usually differ from normal employment contracts—avail of our many years of experience and our specialist search to find the right freelancer. We choose the right profiles of professionals from different industries for you and present experts to you who fit your project well. Our database only contains prechecked, highly relevant profiles.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment

Whitepaper about analyzing current trends in digitised recruitment with a focus on artificial intelligence.

We can help you find the ideal candidate for your vacancy

Hays’ jobs and project portal includes freelancers with expertise for your company. You can trust our community of freelancers from a wide variety of areas and leave the search for the right professional with our recruiters. Depending on whether you need an engineer, an IT professional or a marketing expert: We will present you with the right professionals with experience and the necessary skills.

To that end, you can register your vacancies. with us. We know which professionals are the right fit for which project offerings in your industry and will systematically and actively supply you with the right profiles. Your personal contact supports your entire search process for competent freelancers. You can count on our professional support, from project tender and communication with candidates to contract signing and fee payment.

Finding qualified freelancers will pay off

Collaborating with freelancers enables you to start new projects at short notice or to drive existing ones. External professionals have an unbiased perspective and bring flexibility, expertise and experience. Searching for the right freelancer for your company can take time but does not need to be complicated. Use our options to make sure you only contact qualified professionals. Find experts for your industry and benefit from compliant contracting of external personnel, established processes and an appreciative collaboration.

You are looking for a suitable freelancer for your project?

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