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How much should you earn?

How much is your work really worth? The topic of salary comparison can be decisive especially for professional development. That is why it is important for an employee to have a realistic idea of the salaries on the market. Often, it is not easy to compare the salaries as the relevant data can be hard to find. Moreover, most salary calculators do not include criteria such as qualifications or experience. Very often, however, these are the decisive factors in determining if your salary is appropriate.

Where am I at?

Using our salary calculator, you can calculate your current salary and compare it with salaries on the market. The basis for calculation is the information provided under

  • qualifications,
  • experience,
  • age,
  • company size,
  • location,
  • tasks and line of business.

Those data will be analysed and compared with the statistical salary figures from our partner’s database. This gives you a realistic estimate of how much you earn in comparison with other people with similar requirements, qualifications and experience. Check whether your employer pays you at the market rate.

Salary check completed: What now?

Has the salary comparison showed that there is still room for improvement? Or maybe there are other reasons why you want to further develop your professional skills? Hays is there to help you! Here are the answers to the questions about what we can offer you. Of course we would be happy to advise you personally. It’s easy – just call us (0621 1788 0), send us an e-mail or use the contact form!

If you would like to use the salary comparison as a basis for your next salary negotiation, we will give you further tips on how you can get more out of your company.

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