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CV templates: free templates and checklists for your perfect application

CV template with classic design

Your template for your business CV

CV template with simple design

Sample CV for freelance specialists


In addition to the cover letter, the CV is probably the biggest hurdle applicants have to overcome when they are preparing for a new job. They want this to make them stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression. But how do you design a good CV and bring the most important information regarding your knowledge, skills and career clearly onto one page? Download the CV template that is the most suitable one for you and your CV free of charge. Be it classic, modern, simple or freelancer-specific. You can be sure that HR managers will quickly and easily take in your most important information and qualifications using our layouts.

Have you found a suitable job and want to stand out in a positive way with your application documents and impress your future employer? Or would you like to submit an speculative application? With a professional application, a well-organised CV and an authentic application photo, you can show that you are the perfect person for the advertised position. You don't need to be a Word professional or Adobe InDesign expert to do this. You can download free sample templates for your CV, checklists for application photos and documents, and guidelines for interviews and onboarding here. You can conveniently edit these in Word and adapt them to your requirements. A clear, anti-chronological document appeals to most people.

Checklists and guidelines for a successful application

Have you found an interesting new job or a suitable project that you definitely want to apply for? You dive into your application bursting with enthusiasm. You know exactly what you can do, what experience you can score points with and have an impressive CV. However, that is precisely the major challenge when you are looking for a job – selling yourself and persuading others.

Use our free checklists and make an impression with your application photo, your application documents and finally in the interview. You can also get valuable tips for your onboarding process once you have successfully overcome the hurdle of the application. With the right professional preparation, structure and skills, you will be convincing in any industry.

Checklist application photo

Checklist application

Checklist CV

Checklist telephone interview and application interview

Interview guide

Checklist Onboarding

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