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Being successful in wind turbine construction
with experts provided by Hays

Wind energy plays a key role in the context of the energy transition in Germany

Hardly any onshore wind power plants are currently being built – this endangers the German Federal Government's targets for the expansion of renewable energies. The main problem: a lack of space and specialists with the required expertise.


We will support you with the following skills

  • Plant designer
  • structural engineer
  • Constructor
  • Technical drawer
  • Technical writer
  • Calculation engineer
  • Software developer
  • Hardware developer
  • Project manager
  • Configuration engineer

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Are you looking for the right specialist for the wind turbine construction industry?

Are you currently looking for qualified experts? We have excellent personal contacts in the industry and can find suitable specialists for you.

New markets result in new demands in the German wind power industry

It is not easy for German manufacturers of wind turbines. Although the climate targets call for the expansion of renewable energies, companies are currently struggling with the megawatt limitations set by the German Federal Network Agency and the drop in plant prices due to lower margins. As a result, companies operating in the wind turbine construction sector have to focus more on foreign markets, where German products are in great demand. At the same time, the demand in Germany is increasing again, too. In this complex situation, it is essential to appropriately adapt the scope of production. However, suitable experts are difficult to find, which is very problematic in the face of the great significance of wind energy in terms of renewable energies.

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Hays wind turbine construction introduces itself - a different wind is blowing with the right specialists!

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Windpower reference projects

Here you can see our reference projects.

The wind industry suffers considerably from the shortage of skilled workers

Not only companies from the wind power industry but also those from the mechanical and plant engineering industry compete for highly sought-after specialists. Thus, expanding their teams or filling vacant positions is a challenge to many organisations. Engineers, electricians, plant constructors and mechatronics engineers in particular are urgently needed in these sectors. There are not enough graduates or specially trained experts in wind turbine construction; this applies both to Germany and to the international market. Consequently, the available development, technology and service specialists are courted by recruitment companies worldwide. Only those who have excellent contacts in the industry will win the race for these experts.

Hays proactively recruits wind energy experts

Renewable energies entail great potential for companies. However, there are only few qualified experts to exploit this potential. At Hays, we always keep a close eye on market developments and apply proactive recruitment strategies. This enables us to offer you the innovative HR solutions and services you need to be ready for the future. Hays has been established worldwide for decades and can rely on its excellent network to provide you with the expertise you require to develop your capacities. Get in touch with us without any obligation and find out more about our services.

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Felix maier
Felix maier


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