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Contracting – Finding the right experts for every project

Employing highly qualified experts on a contracting basis

Does your company need experts to bridge a short-term bottleneck? Or would you like to engage external expertise for a time-limited project? Are you a freelancer looking for exciting assignments? We bring highly qualified, self-employed specialists and companies looking for skilled contractors together. We will provide you with comprehensive advice on contracts for work and services – and will find the perfect solution to suit both sides of the employment equation. Please get in touch with us!

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Finding the right freelancer

Have you unexpectedly received a sudden influx of orders and so need additional staffing support for your projects? Together we will find the right experts for you in our pool of specialists, who will advise and actively support you on a freelance basis.

We provide you with expert support right from the beginning of your project straight through to its completion, ensuring you get the help you need every step of the way. And should any of our experts become unavailable, we will quickly provide you with a replacement. You can also expect comprehensive advice on Compliant Sourcing, where we work together with you to ensure that you design flexible forms of work that are fully compliant with the law. Get in touch with us. We look forward to explaining to you in person what we can offer you.

Service Contracts: Freelancers

We place freelancers and self-employed specialists in interesting projects with renowned companies. As a professional recruitment services provider, we attach great importance to ensuring that the positions on offer match your profile and will advance your career. In our Career Centre you'll find everything you need to know about the application process. You can then check out our job board, where the position you're after might already be listed. If you don't see a suitable project at the moment, please feel free to submit an unsolicited application to us, so that we can include you in our pool of self-employed specialists. Your Hays representative is looking forward to getting to know you!

Contracting: specialist opportunities

Our freelancers are specialised in these professional sectors:

  • Construction & Property
    Take advantage of our pool of freelance consultants and engineers in the construction, plant engineering and real estate industries.
  • Engineering
    Using our help, find freelance experts across all areas of the product life cycle.
  • Finance
    Independent financial sector consultants support you in change processes such as the implementation of new control instruments.
  • Healthcare (fee-based doctors)
    We place specialists as holiday cover up to interim manager level in medical care institutions.
  • Human Resources
    Do you have a need for new competent HR experts for a project or long-term employment? Whether from the areas of recruiting, HR controlling or change management - thanks to our comprehensive pool of experts, we will find the perfect match for your position within the shortest possible time.
  • IT
    Whether you need software developers, database experts or IT managers – using our pool of experts, you will quickly and reliably find exactly the independent specialist you need for your project.
  • Life Sciences
    Access freelance specialists in the fields of medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to support you in research, regulatory issues or production.
  • Procurement
    Independent consultants with a purchasing background support you in change processes on topics such as the supply chain act, supplier diversity, digitalisation and process optimisation.
  • Sales & Marketing
    Do you need to bridge a bottleneck in managing a campaign, market research or eCommerce? We'll find the perfect experts for you. Please get in touch!

Our multi-stage process ensures quality.

We use a multi-stage system to ensure the absolute quality of our searches. And of course, in addition to purely technical qualifications, the personality and soft skills of the candidate in question are also taken into account during the selection process.

Our performance guarantee

We practise active relationship management: Our Key Account Managers are experts in their individual fields and support our customers from their initial needs analysis right through to project completion. And our philosophy is backed by our own performance guarantee: Should any of our external specialists become unavailable, we will find you an immediate replacement.

Three advantages of Contracting with Hays

Long term partnership

We'd like to work with you permanently. Therefore we're looking for a follow-up project for you in good time.

Hays client network

More than 1,000 sales staff are in regular contact with over 3,300 client companies.

All-round support

We'll be there for you throughout the entire placement process - from the interview to the settlement of accounts and provide you with personal support throughout your project.

The latest projects for freelancers  

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All projects for freelancers - Germany-wide

In the job search and project exchange for specialists and executives, a wide range of job offers in various industries can be discovered. Thousands of job offers are just waiting for the right freelancer.

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Looking for personnel or project-related support?

Thanks to our comprehensive pool of experts, we will find the perfect match for your position within the shortest possible time.