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Shipbuilding – a German industry with tradition

The maritime sector constitutes an important part of the overall German economy, with Germany being one of the largest shipbuilding countries worldwide. However, the industry is currently undergoing radical change.


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Global leader for special ships

Shipbuilding is a key industry in Germany. Maritime suppliers make a significant contribution, ensuring that the increasing demands placed on the technological requirements, including navigation, communication, connectivity and entertainment, can be implemented on board not only trade and cruise ships, but also naval ships.

The demand for larger ships, such as in container shipping, is compounded by the desire for low-maintenance, economical vessels. More stringent environmental standards also require constant innovation from shipyards in developing environmentally friendly drives.

When it comes to defence technology, German shipbuilders are unhappy that German Navy projects are put out to tender Europe-wide – despite the fact that German defence and security technology is a global leader in the industry and suppliers for complex tasks are available. German shipyards also need to resist competition from Asia, where more comprehensive subsidies are provided than in the Federal Republic.

Innovation is needed – including when filling vacancies

The high demands on ship efficiency, digitalisation and drive technologies have brought about structural change in an industry that, due to the predominance of custom builds, has traditionally focussed on manual skills and performed many jobs by hand. Although mechanical shipbuilding remains in demand, particularly in the luxury yacht segment, digitalisation has now permeated every field of the work. As a result, converting to digital processes in shipbuilding has brought enormous changes for construction management and integration, as well as equipment and fittings.

The integration of digital applications in production means shipyards also have to use connected processes – a factor that has led to comprehensive changes in the employment structure. In addition, shipbuilding experts, such as engineers or constructors, are also highly sought-after in the defence technology and aerospace sectors. That makes finding the right fit for complicated job profiles in shipbuilding even tougher – a mammoth task for many companies.

International specialists for regional requirements – from Hays

Hays has been recruiting specialists from around the world for vacancies with elevated demands for decades. We have a fantastic network of people in the commercial, cruise, naval and super yacht sectors of the industry. Our personnel services are tailored to the requirements of the companies of tomorrow. We recruit proactively for you and are able to find the suitable experts or compile the right team for you at short notice. This enables you to react quickly to changing markets, implement projects efficiently and circumnavigate staff shortages successfully. In addition, you benefit from the transfer of knowledge that external specialists bring to your teams. Contact us with no obligation – and discover what Hays can do for the future of your company today.

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Sebastian Förster
Sebastian Förster




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