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HaysHelpingForYourTomorrow is a project of the Hays recruitment service.

Helping people succeed. Making businesses strong. Creating opportunities that change life for the better. We also pursue this aim with our “Helping for your tomorrow” programme. It bundles all charitable and voluntary commitments made by our company and our employees. Our target: Using “Helping for your tomorrow” to promote the employability of people who may not have the same opportunities as others. To empower them to master upcoming challenges. And to positively influence the working world of tomorrow – today, by creating sustainable structures that endure in a continuously evolving economic and social environment.

Taking social responsibility has always been part of the Hays DNA: We have always committed ourselves to corporate citizenship and to supporting non-profit projects. 

On the right: Text in white on blue background. On the left: Photography of Christine Theuer, Head of CSR at Hays DE.

In the future, we will focus increasingly on a tool called “skills-based volunteering”, an approach that goes beyond traditional and purely monetary donations. Instead of money, we donate time and expertise – as an organisation and as individuals – as part of “skills-based volunteering”. To advance social projects, our employees participate on a voluntary basis with their specific expertise. As a business, we support this voluntary engagement with up to one volunteering day per year for each employee. In this way, our commitment will help create a more sustainable, broader and deeper social impact than would be possible with traditional donations. For their part, the volunteers get to look beyond their own horizons and get a new sense of their own abilities and the meaningfulness of their work.

We feel very strongly about equality of opportunity

Disaster relief

Getting busy in times of crisis

The war against Ukraine is driving many people into distress and to flee. Our donations of time, money and goods help to alleviate the suffering of those affected at least a little.

Youth engagement

Supporting young people

Equality of opportunity means: Education for everyone. We are campaigning for children with starting difficulties in diverse projects and support disadvantages people on their educational pathway.

Underutilised talents

Unfolding hidden talents

We are committed to helping disadvantaged people discover what abilities lie dromant in them and how they can utilise their unique talents.

Ethnic minorities

Supporing diverse backgrounds

Different perspectives and cultural backgrounds are the basis for good decisions. This is why we stadn up for the opportunities of people with a history of migration.

Our parent company Hays plc, with the support of Oxford Economics, has published a white paper on the specific (work-related) challenges faced by these groups. 

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Christine Theuer

Head of Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability

  • Hays AG
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Christine Theuer
Christine Theuer
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