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HaysHelpingForYourTomorrow is a project of the Hays recruitment service.

Helping people succeed. Making businesses strong. Creating opportunities that change life for the better. We also pursue this aim with our “Helping for your tomorrow” programme. It bundles all charitable and voluntary commitments made by our company and our employees. Our target: Using “Helping for your tomorrow” to promote the employability of people who may not have the same opportunities as others. To empower them to master upcoming challenges. And to positively influence the working world of tomorrow – today, by creating sustainable structures that endure in a continuously evolving economic and social environment.

Taking social responsibility has always been part of the Hays DNA: We have always committed ourselves to corporate citizenship and to supporting non-profit projects. 

Hays wins HR Excellence Award 2023

We received the HR Excellence Award 2023 in the Sustainability Management & Social Engagement category for our corporate volunteering programme Helping for your tomorrow.

Why? Because we deliberately approach our CSR commitment differently than many others. To pave the way into the world of work for people with fewer opportunities, we don't rely on the donation can, but on skills-based volunteering. And thus on what we do best: With the help of application days, mentoring, CV checks and coaching, we support disadvantaged people in finding their place in the world of work. This is how we create opportunities that change lives for the better. This is how we counteract the shortage of skilled labour. And last but not least, we give our employees a new sense of purpose in their work.

In building this bridge to a more equal working world, we do not act in isolation, but in close cooperation with our strategic partner organisations JOBLINGE, Haus des Stiftens, Queermentor and MyAbility - ensuring that we have a truly sustainable and profound social impact.

Verleihung des HR Excellence Awards 2023 an Hays

On the right: Text in white on blue background. On the left: Photography of Christine Theuer, Head of CSR at Hays DE.



Ukrainische Frauen in München beim Bewerbungstraining

That is why we will increasingly focus on "skills-based volunteering" in the future, an approach that goes beyond the traditional, purely monetary donation. Instead of money, we - as an organisation and as individuals - donate time and know-how. In this way, we achieve a more sustainable and deeper social impact with our commitment than would be possible with a traditional donation. Our employees, who are given up to one day off per year as volunteers, gain a new sense of their own abilities and the meaningfulness of their work by broadening their horizon.

Volunteering projects

When it comes to volunteering, we focus on young people, people with a migration background or undiscovered talents with fewer opportunities and use our specialist knowledge to make them fit for the job market. For climate protection or in times of crisis, we also roll up our sleeves and provide help where it is needed.

Volunteering overview

Fundraising campaigns

Under the motto "Little things make great changes" our employees vote each year on two initiatives that we support financially to help the disadvantaged on their educational journey. Our annual Christmas donation pursues the same goal. In addition, our employees as well as we as an organization provide financial disaster relief.

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Our parent company Hays plc, with the support of Oxford Economics, has published a white paper on the specific (work-related) challenges faced by these groups. 

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Christine Theuer

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Hays AG
  • Willy-Brandt-Platz 1-3
  • 68161 Mannheim
Christine Theuer
Christine Theuer

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