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The Whistleblower Protection Act

We are listening to you!

Report (potential) violation

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) came into force in Germany on 02.07.2023. What does this mean in practical terms? The HinSchG is intended to ensure that people who report wrongdoing or illegal activities in companies or organisations are protected from repression and disadvantages. Such wrongdoings can be, for example, corruption, insider trading, misuse of data, violation of human or consumer rights as well as violations of product or food safety. To ensure that whistleblowers do not suffer any disadvantages, companies are obliged to set up an internal reporting system (whistleblowing systems) that do not allow any undesired conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the whistleblower.

Integral behaviour in economic, ecological and social terms is a matter of course for us. That is why we attach great importance to listening carefully to our employees and business contacts, especially when they notice and want to report potential violations within our company. Both Hays employees and all external third parties can use various channels within our reporting system - discreetly, confidentially and, if they wish, anonymously. No matter which reporting channel they choose, they can rely on our protection.

Express your concerns discreetly and confidentially

Our Compliance Team handles all incoming reports, confirms their receipt, evaluates them, discusses the facts with the whistleblower if necessary and decides on the next steps to be taken in clarifying and investigating the matter, depending on the violations and/or irregularities that are the subject of the report. We treat reports from internal employees as well as from external third parties with the highest degree of confidentiality and, if desired, also offer a reporting channel through which concerns can be voiced anonymously.

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Markus Konrad

Compliance Officer
  • Hays GSC region
Markus Konrad
Markus Konrad