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The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is one of Germany's leading industries and contributes to Germany's prosperity with its innovative strength, added value and international competitiveness. The German chemical industry is currently in a phase of growth, driven by the increasing demand for chemical products from all over the world.

However, that which is a reason for joy for the economy is increasingly challenging for companies. Even though highly paid jobs, social benefits and a secure career path are enticing, qualified skilled workers and managers for the chemical industry remain a rare asset.

In order to ensure that your company can continue to develop with experts from the chemical industry, implement current trends and invest in sustainable solutions for your customers and the environment in the future, we can support you in your search for personnel as a headhunter for chemical companies.

Our HR specialists are committed to this every day. To ensure successful recruitment, you can match your requirements with the qualifications of the skilled workers in our extensive pool of applicants – or search for your new employees on the relevant career platforms. Enquire today and you will have the initial contacts for your interviews within the next few days.

Your personal contact

Andrea Wittkuhn

Völklinger Str. 33, 40221 Düsseldorf

T: + 49 211 179 388 280

Personalised recruitment consulting for the chemical industry

Are you urgently looking for qualified skilled workers and managers for a wide range of departments in your chemical company? Be it chemists, process engineers, production personnel or information technology experts: With our recruitment consulting services for the chemicals sector, you will find the talents who will implement your visions and fulfil the requirements of ecological, social and economic goals with their expertise.

The current trends in the chemical industry

As Germany's third largest industry, the chemical industry is one of the most important employers. The key challenges in this area currently include digitisation, sustainability and the circular economy. Digitisation in particular is changing research and development, production and business models in this industry as well. This was reflected in the "industry portrait" from the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) in August 2022.

The German chemical industry is currently expanding digital production processes and focussing on using resources more efficiently to ensure its growth potential. Many innovations in the areas of medical applications (genome editing), industrial biotechnology, individualised medicine and lightweight automotive construction can be expected by 2030. Electromobility, the digitisation of agricultural processes and waste-to-chemicals plants for manufacturing chemicals and biofuels from previously non-recyclable waste products will also be of special interest.

These are the challenges that the chemical industry has to deal with

In the future, digitised processes will drive the automation of work processes in industrial chemistry. However, they also carry risks. The continuous development of personnel is crucial to successfully deal with the related risks and challenges of Chemistry 4.0. This requires extensively trained chemical laboratory technicians, quality assurance managers and experts in the safeguarding of pharmaceutical supplies who have the appropriate qualifications.

You will find these skilled workers together with our recruiters, who are specialised in the field of chemistry and know this market inside and out.

Jobs in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is in a state of change. Traditional chemistry jobs are disappearing and being replaced by new ones. Digitisation is also an integral part of the chemical sector, and the demand for engineers, IT specialists and scientists is increasing.

To ensure that your company meets this challenge and contributes to sustainable development, environmental protection and energy efficiency with qualified skilled workers, we will support you in your projects with specialist personnel.

The advantages for you through using Hays as a personnel service provider in the chemical industry

  • One contact for specialist personnel in the chemical industry

  • Exact matching of the experts' required and available qualifications

  • Short response time

  • Our remuneration: purely success-based

Our contractual options at a glance

We will support you with the following contract types

How to be successful in recruiting personnel in the chemical industry with us

Our experience which has been gained over 20 years and our international network in the chemical / pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology industries allow us to fill your vacancies in the chemical industry quickly and efficiently. We recruit highly qualified specialists for permanent employment, skilled workers for temporary positions as well as expert freelancers with an international background for individual tasks and projects. If required, we can also put entire teams together to manage different work packages, either on-site at the customer’s or remotely, on a contract basis.

Tell us about your vacancies and we will support you in filling your chemical jobs with our individual recruitment consulting services.

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