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Personnel consulting for the public service

Your personnel consulting in the public service sector

Being in the service of the state means one thing above all: Diversity and security. Whether it be at the federal government, the federal states, municipalities and communities or in the areas of social insurance or institutions and foundations in the field of public law – wherever you look, specialists and executive managers are highly sought after. What adds to this is the competition with companies in the free-market economy as well as challenging tendering procedures and tender conditions.

As the largest employer in Germany, the public service sector with currently 4.6 million employees is confronted with demographic change and, thus, the shortage of skilled workers. In the course of the digitalisation, responsibilities, processes as well as hardware and software will change as well – new competences of employees and temporary assignments, e.g. via temporary work in the public service sector, are therefore in demand. Finding specialists and executive managers which drive the "digital revolution" and ensure a reliable state: That is the credo in the public service sector.

Hays is your reliable supplier with extensive knowledge of the market and procurement law. Regardless of whether it is an award without tender, a public or restricted tender or a preliminary call for tenders: Our employees are trained in German Construction Contract Procedures (VOL) or EVB-IT contract conditions (contracts that contain supplementing contractual terms necessary to obtain performance in the IT).

Individual personnel consulting for the public service sector

Are you urgently looking for qualified specialists and executive managers for your field in the public service sector? Or do you need support with tenders and market survey meetings? Whether it be in IT, for construction projects, engineering services or research and teaching: With our personnel consulting for the public service sector we will find the talents that match your vacancies. This is how we reduce the workload of your human resources department.

We are happy to advise you on our different contract types. Get in touch with us and we can recruit experts in temporary employment for the public service sector or in permanent employment for your area. The placement of freelancers for the public service sector is also possible.

   Hays Germany Podcast: Hays Germany Podcast: Insights into employee leasing in the public sector 

What is the cooperation in employee leasing in the public sector? What are the prospects for employee leasing in the public sector? And above all, what role does Hays play in this? Manuel Barton (Head of Department), Lars Kalenka (Head of Impact Division), Daniela Holzer-Barth (Senior Head of Impact Division) give the answers to the questions in our Hays Germany Podcast.

 Practice Talk on the Hiring of Professionals in the Public Sector  (Hays Germany Podcast, 28.03.23)

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Take advantage of our experience in tendering and contracting

Initially, public clients often approach for a pure market survey in order to obtain information about the market within the scope permitted by public procurement law. There are often uncertainties when it comes to procuring skilled workers. Since 2010, we have gained extensive experience in tendering processes such as competitive dialogue or negotiated procedures. Therefore, we know that sometimes things have to go fast and you need qualified specialists and executive managers within just a few days.

We sponsor of and are a member of DVNW (Deutsche Vergabenetzwerk)


Therefore, we usually respond to your requests within 24-48 hours. If necessary, we will also provide you with the appropriate and available experts directly during this time.

Recruitment in many different areas of the public service sector


Whether it be by tender or by direct award of a contract: We find your specialists in the public service sector for:

  • IT projects (SAP, programming, business/process analysis, project management, databases)
  • IT infrastructure projects (hardware and software solutions, servers, data center projects)
  • Public-sector construction projects (modernisation / new construction)
  • Engineering services (project management, infrastructure, rail industry)
  • Municipal utilities / energy industry / sector companies

⇒ In the public sector, we also work in the areas of Legal, Healthcare, Education and Compliant Sourcing®.

Your benefits when recruiting
for the public service sector with Hays

When selecting and assigning these experts, you can rely on our extensive experience, also with regard to your formal requirements. Because we know the public-sector procurement law in detail.

Procurement law experts

Through our many years of experience, we have gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and built up extensive know-how in public procurement law. Both aspects together make us experts who always have their finger on the pulse and can quickly adapt to current developments.

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Our contractual options at a glance

Your benefits:

✓ Quick access to the right experts, even at short notice

✓ High quality thanks to our DIN-EN-ISO-9001 certified processes

✓ Our extensive experience in working together with the public service sector

✓ Knowledge of procurement law and in-house tender management

✓ Support over the entire project period & specialists of public organisations

✓ Quick support and digital contract processing via qualified electrical signature (QES)

We provide you with suitable personnel
in the public service sector 

We find the right specialists for your area in various ways – by means of tenders, awards of contracts or negotiated procedures. This means that You submit a tender in accordance with the procurement law and we apply for your tenders. If we win the tender, we start recruiting. According to your requirements, we will introduce you to qualified specialists and executive managers and offer you the respective contract types you are looking for. 

Would you like to start a public tendering procedure and are interested in a market survey meeting? This is also possible with our internal experts. 

Beside our specialisation in tenders for the public sector, you can also benefit from our personnel consulting for the public service sector for direct awards of a contract. Simply post your ​​vacancies on our job portal and we will find a suitable candidate for your position within a few days. 

We are now members of the Charter for Digital Networking (Charta digitale Vernetzung) and our goal is to actively help shape the future of digital networking.

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