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Digital trans­formation in cons­truction industry

with experts provided by Hays

Key industry for Germany

With almost two million employees, construction is one of the most important industries of the German economy.


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Are you looking for a specialist in construction?

Given the population growth, demographic change and digital transformation, medical technology will not only be faced with challenges but also opportunities in the upcoming years. This includes the change from conventional equipment technology to holistic, digital and innovative solutions. Companies use automated processes not only for the end product, but also during the manufacturing phase. Digitalisation has an impact on many different fields of work within the medical engineering industry due to the implementation of telehealth solutions and medical robots. The urge to constantly develop new solutions is promising.

Increasing acquisitions and a new European medical device directive (MDD) pose additional challenges for the industry. Thus, companies mainly have to cope with the increasing market concentration and regulatory requirements. Consequently, targeted investments in the expertise of employees are extremely important for the active promotion of digital transformation.

Thanks to our expertise in recruiting for the medtech industry, we find your future specialists with whom you can successfully drive current developments and innovations in medical technology.

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Markus Rosemeier
Markus Rosemeier

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Martin Honerbom
Martin Honerbom

The digitalisation of the construction industry involves both opportunities and challenges

The construction industry has been a growing industry for years – structural change, demographic change in an urban, ageing society and the change in lifestyle are providing further impetus. At the same time, however, digital transformation is placing new demands on an industry that has so far been a rather traditional one. Digitalisation leads to innovative solutions requiring a reorientation of the industry, e.g. digital recording of work phases of construction projects or 3D printing, and thus goes far beyond the sole improvement of construction procedures.

Social responsibility and increasing demands

From 2020, an improved control of all processes through the implementation of building data modelling will become mandatory for infrastructure projects. This requirement by the public authorities will not only affect the expansion of the transport and fibre-optic network but also maintenance activities. Furthermore, projects like the 5G network or the nationwide implementation of the technical requirements for the emerging electromobility result in new tasks for the construction industry.

Growth opportunities are also created through the industry's growing social responsibility regarding sustainable construction, the realisation of smart cities through intelligent components and lean construction. The organisation and logistics of construction projects and the control of all partners involved to optimise resource efficiency while achieving great results play a key role in the orientation of the construction industry.

For the transition to a successful future facing new circumstances, the German construction industry needs specialists who possess the required new skills.

Being successful in the construction industry by relying on Hays’ comprehensive recruitment services

Hays recruits specialists for all construction phases, no matter how challenging the project. When it comes to recruitment, we have been a trusted partner in more than 30 countries for many years. Thanks to our local expertise and global network, we know exactly what you need and can bring you together with national and international specialists.

Since our recruitment experts precisely analyse current market developments and the resulting skills requirements, we are already in contact with the experts you need to successfully drive tomorrow’s business. Whether you are looking for a construction engineer, an architect assigned as a temporary external consultant or even an entire team for long-term projects – we are your reliable partner before, during and after the recruitment process.


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