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for the aerospace and defence industries

Prestigious industry facing demanding requirements

As an internationally renowned industry, the German aerospace & defence sector must now reinvent itself by implementing innovative solutions to meet the new regulatory requirements.


We will support you with the following skills

  • Configuration engineer
  • Constructer
  • Requirements engineer
  • Software developer
  • Technical drawer
  • Supply chain manager and buyer
  • Fertigungsplaner
  • Instandhaltung

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Are you looking for the right specialist for the aerospace & defence industry?

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Expertise for the constant pressure of innovation

The aerospace and defence industries are leading the way in the German economy and have recorded an increase of orders from around the globe. For this very reason, these sectors are facing a changed landscape, characterised by the pressure to be innovative. Companies in the aerospace and defence industry are also affected by geopolitical upheaval and the race to explore space, the necessity of digitalisation for implementing Industry 4.0, and demands for greater sustainability. Development and production are therefore governed by the change caused by new technologies, many of which are yet to be created. Corporations rely on the expertise of graduates and experienced specialists more than ever before.

Aerospace and defence industries facing technological challenges

These industries cannot avoid the use of the most current digital technologies, while the implementation of Industry 4.0 simultaneously introduces adjustments to the security measures. As both the aerospace and defence industries are highly specialised, experts who research and develop trends are in great demand – everywhere from management to engineering, development to logistics.

As a result, it is more difficult than ever to master these numerous challenges while also ensuring that daily operations run smoothly. Place your trust in the experts from Hays, who will assist you in tapping new business areas as your daily business continues unhindered.

Global expertise for regional requirements – from Hays

With more than 15 years’ experience, Hays is a proven provider of quickly deployable complete solutions, especially in the aerospace & defence industries. Our experts in 33 countries enable us to compile international and interdisciplinary teams for demanding tasks. We rely on our own proactive recruitment process, as well as good, long-standing contact with specialists and managers in the aerospace & defence sectors. Hays is also a member of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI).

Thanks to these excellent links, we are able to provide companies in the aerospace and defence industries with specialists who can tackle the requirements of an ever-changing business environment. Contact us today and discover how we can help!

Michael Dietsch


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Michael Dietsch
Michael Dietsch




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