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Recruitment consulting in aerospace technology

Your recruitment consulting in the aerospace technology and defence industries

Achieve success with technical experts in the aerospace technology and defence industries

The aerospace technology and defence industries are among the flagship sectors of the German economy, and are recording an increase in orders from all over the world. This is precisely why these industries have to come to terms with considerable pressure to come up with innovations. Thanks to new production materials and methods, aircraft and other aerospace vehicles are becoming lighter and more fuel-efficient than previous models. Technical development and construction represent a tremendous challenge for engineers.

Other developments and influential factors also play an important part: Geopolitical upheaval, the development of space for research and the urgent need for digitalisation for Industry 4.0 must be taken into consideration by all companies and corporations in the industry. The call for more sustainability is also driving aerospace companies and the defence industry.

Skilled workers and managers in the aerospace industry must therefore not only combine a wide range of skills, but also continually expand their skills to keep up with the current requirements and demands.

And this is where we come into play: because of our extensive industrial and business network, we tap into the appropriate sources to provide you with the appropriate experts in the aerospace and defence industries. Find out about our recruitment consulting services, and let's work together to look for suitable personnel for you in the aerospace and/or defence industries.

Your personal contact

Michael Dietsch
Head of Defence Sales

Völklinger Str. 33, 40221 Düsseldorf

Hays Professional Solutions GmbH

T: +49 211 179388 237

Recruitment in the aerospace industry – your personal consultants

Are you currently looking for qualified experts in the aerospace and defence industries? We have excellent personal contacts in the industry and can find the right skilled workers and managers for you.

With our personalised and individual recruitment consulting services, you can reach the specialists who meet your requirements and take your company forward in a faster and more cost-effective way.

Aerospace is facing technological challenges

Of course, this industry can also not avoid the use of the latest digital technologies. Outdated technologies are being replaced by new ones. Special focus of the aerospace industry: fuel savings and changes to safety requirements thanks to Industry 4.0. The demand for highly specialised experts for researching and developing trends is increasing accordingly. Specialist personnel in management, engineering and development, but also in logistics are a much sought-after and scarce commodity.

At present, it is more difficult than ever to meet the numerous challenges of designing technological developments in the face of a shortage of skilled workers, while at the same time continuing to successfully operate the day-to-day business. You can therefore rely on our HR specialists in recruitment for the aerospace industry. They will support you in the development of new business areas as well as in the search for and recruitment of highly qualified personnel – meanwhile your daily business will continue unhindered.

Recruitment in the defence industry - not just a question of morality

The defence industry is one of the most important and fastest growing industries in the world. The Federal Government has only just announced a special fund of 100 billion euros for the German Armed Forces. For companies in the defence industry, this means: Demand is increasing, and so is the requirement for skilled workers. But the full effect of the shortage of skilled workers is being felt in the defence industry in particular. There is an urgent requirement for engineers, program managers, industrial engineers or business economists, but also sales representatives and commercial personnel. And they can currently cherry-pick the company of their choice.

The defence industry is faced with the challenge of also presenting its own industry in an attractive way, in addition to better salaries and social benefits, and finding people who are willing to train themselves and deal with any reservations among friends and acquaintances.

We know that recruitment in the defence industry is a mammoth task, and we will support you in finding suitable personnel in the defence industry through our expertise and years of experience in recruitment for the defence industry.

Jobs in aerospace technology and the defence industry

To ensure that you will also be at the forefront in the future, we would be pleased to support you with our recruitment in the aerospace and defence sectors and establish contacts with experts with the following expertise:

  • Configuration engineers

  • Designers

  • Requirements engineers

  • Software developers

  • Technical draughtspeople

  • Supply chain managers and buyers

  • Production planners

  • Maintenance (MRO)

The advantages for you through using Hays for recruitment consulting and recruitment in the aerospace technology and defence industries

  • A contact person for specialist personnel in mechanical engineering and plant construction

  • Exact matching of the experts' required and available qualifications

  • Short response time

  • Our remuneration is purely success-based

Global competence for regional requirements at Hays

Thanks to our experience of more than 15 years, Hays is a proven recruitment provider for skilled workers and managers, especially in the aerospace and defence industries. Our HR experts work daily in 33 countries to put together international and interdisciplinary teams for demanding tasks. We also rely on our own proactive recruitment process as well as on good long-standing contacts with specialists and managers in the aerospace and defence sectors. Hays is also a member of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI).

Thanks to these excellent connections, we can provide you with specialists who are able to meet the requirements of a constantly changing business environment through our recruitment consulting services.

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