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Top job offers for quantity surveyors

Quantity surveyors: settlements and performance reports for construction projects

Quantity surveyors are responsible for billing, post-calculation and performance reviews and thus contribute significantly to the successful completion of construction projects.

Which opportunities do quantity surveyors have on the labour market?

In Germany, interesting job offers are available to quantity surveyors. Especially in the fields of civil engineering or road construction, they can expect demanding and varied tasks, a performance-related remuneration and good career prospects.

Quantity surveyors: comprehensive and demanding challenges at the construction site

Quantity surveyors provide support to the construction management. Their tasks include the recording of all quantities and dimensions. During the preparation phase, quantity surveyors check the service specifications and determine the dimensions in close cooperation with the foreman. They have to keep an overview of the construction technology used and are responsible for documenting and preparing related information for the site manager. In addition, they must be familiar with the relevant software solutions in order to independently carry out billing, post-calculation and performance calculation tasks.

  • Recording of dimensions and material quantities
  • Preliminary review of the service catalogue
  • Control of the construction technology used
  • Billing and post-calculation
  • Documentation of construction projects

Which hard skills and soft skills should quantity surveyors have?

Quantity surveyors need to have a completed apprenticeship or an academic degree in the construction area. Although there is no specific vocational training for quantity surveyors, it is possible to obtain certain related qualifications. Practical experience in the construction area, good organisational skills, team spirit and an independent and responsible way of working are required, as quantity surveyors are in charge of the calculation, post-calculation and evaluation of construction projects from start to finish.

  • A completed apprenticeship or an academic degree in the construction area
  • Further vocational training for quantity surveyors
  • Practical experience as a quantity surveyor or construction technician
  • Good organisational skills and team spirit
  • IT skills
  • A sense of responsibility and accuracy

What is the average salary of quantity surveyors?

The average gross annual salary of quantity surveyors amounts to between EUR 35,000 and EUR 65,000, depending on the areas of responsibility, the size of the company and their experience. The location also has a strong impact: salaries are higher in major German cities such as Hamburg or Berlin than they are in rural areas.