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The pharmaceutical industry – an essential component of the German healthcare system

What do you imagine your life expectancy to be? Around 80 or perhaps even 90 years? This is probably not too far off the mark – after all, men in Germany live to an average age of 78 and women reach an average age of 83. Of course, this would be unthinkable without the success of medical advances. Around €14 billion are invested in research and development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry every year – a figure the automotive industry can only dream of. 

Although the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most research-intensive and innovative sectors in Germany, specialists and executives such as pharmaceutical chemists or development engineers are in short supply. Highly specialised pharmaceutical experts are rarely found through job advertisements or conventional job portals. So where do you find the right life science specialists who match your job profile and are interested in changing jobs? With our head-hunters for pharmaceutical sectors, you can rely on HR experts with in-depth knowledge of both the market and your requirements.

  • Project manager

  • Clinical project manager

  • Project assistant

  • Laboratory technician

  • Quality manager

  • Software developer

  • Validation specialist

  • Medical affairs manager

  • Marketing manager

  • Regulatory affairs manager

Personnel consulting in the pharmaceutical industry – your contact person

Are you facing the challenge of finding highly specialised pharmaceutical staff in the shortest time possible? Save your recruitment resources and let our experts advise you on all aspects of recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry. They will provide assistance with all aspects of contract drafting and, above all, ensure the swift recruitment of personnel for your jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Proactive personnel consulting for pharma & life sciences with Hays

As one of the world's leading recruitment agencies with 250 offices in more than 30 countries, Hays has been satisfying regional requirements in a prompt, straightforward and reliable manner for decades thanks to its strong local presence. Our head-hunters for the pharmaceutical industry already know the specialists you will need tomorrow: managers, external medical and pharmaceutical consultants and entire teams for challenging projects in medical technology.

We get to know all of the candidates in a personal interview and compare their qualification and skills with your requirements. Contact us without any obligation and find out how Hays can support your organisation!

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What jobs are there in the pharmaceutical industry?

There are diverse fields of activity for specialists in the pharmaceutical industry. Digitalisation brings about numerous new opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry, advancing innovation and automating and accelerating internal processes.

We find specialists and executives for the following positions:

Can’t find the position you need? Contact us anyway – our head-hunters are constantly acquiring new specialists and executives and continuously adapting our portfolio to developing market conditions. Our Executive Search service will bring your lengthy searches for suitable specialists in the pharmaceutical industry to a prompt end.

Your benefits with Hays pharmaceutical recruitment services

  • A contact person for pharmaceutical personnel

  • Short response time

  • Choice of the right experts for your needs

  • Our remuneration: purely success-based

The pharmaceutical industry in transition – digitalisation and customisation shape research and development

New requirements and patient demands promote the trend towards individualised pharmaceutical solutions. Furthermore, a change of focus is to be expected when it comes to the use of medicine. Data intelligence will replace general analyses and smart health solutions, such as smartwatches and sensors, will facilitate the application of individual medicine and dosages.

New strategies and core business areas shape the pharmaceutical industry

Since numerous patents on products with strong sales potential will expire in the coming years, the requirements regarding new developments will also change. As a consequence, market-leading groups must expect sales losses while new niches will emerge for producers of generic drugs and OTC products (over-the-counter medicines). However, these producers will no longer benefit from major sales successes and production volumes either; currently, new active substances are only rarely distributed on a broader scale. Instead, there are signs of a change in trend: the development of drugs against rare diseases is growing.

Due to the foreseeable realignment of the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with its digital transformation, demand for pharmaceutical chemical specialists and thus developers and IT specialists is growing. Their tasks involve establishing the necessary IT infrastructures and compiling important data.

Since our HR specialists are well aware of these changes thanks to their branch expertise, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of pharmaceutical specialists. And this branch expertise is also something that renowned pharmaceutical corporate groups like Bayer and Fresenius have come to rely on. We’d be delighted to assist you as well and will work together to overcome the challenge of finding suitable personnel in the pharmaceutical industry.



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