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Suitable experts for the digitalisation of the pharmaceutical industry
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An essential component of the German healthcare system

Digitalisation brings about numerous new opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry, advancing innovation topics and automating and accelerating internal processes.


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  • Clinical project manager
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  • Laboratory technician
  • Quality manager
  • Software developer
  • Validation specialist
  • Medical affairs manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Regulatory affairs manager

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Are you looking for the right specialist for the pharma industry?

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The pharmaceutical industry is being realigned

New requirements and patient demands promote the trend towards individualised pharmaceutical solutions. Furthermore, a change of focus is to be expected when it comes to the use of medicine. Data intelligence will replace general analyses and smart health solutions, such as smartwatches and sensors, will facilitate the application of individual medicine and dosages.

In combination with digitalisation, however, this potential also entails a great challenge for major manufacturers, suppliers and customers. The continuing market consolidation with major companies holding large market shares and the requirements for remaining competitive within a global environment further enhance this challenge.

In this context, one solution may be to focus on development and production activities in core areas, entering into cooperation with a strong partner. Strategic partnerships offer potential for innovations and allow for a faster development and market launch of new products and services.

New strategies and core business areas shape the industry

Since numerous patents on products with strong sales potential will expire in the upcoming years, the requirements regarding new developments will also change. As a consequence, market-leading groups will have to expect sales losses while producers of generic drugs and OTC products will face new niches. However, these producers will no longer benefit from major sales successes and production volumes either; currently, new active substances are only rarely distributed on a broader scale. Instead, there are signs of a change in trend: the development of drugs against rare diseases is growing.

Due to the foreseeable realignment of the industry and the digital transformation, companies from the pharmaceutical industry will need to increasingly rely on international talents to fill demanding positions.

Proactive recruitment of experts from the pharmaceutical industry

As one of the globally leading recruitment agencies and with 250 offices in more than 30 countries, and thus with a strong local presence, Hays has been satisfying regional requirements in a quick, simple and reliable way for decades now.

Thanks to our global network, we already know the experts you will need tomorrow: managers, external medical and pharmaceutical consultants and entire teams for challenging projects.

We get to know all the candidates in a personal interview and compare their qualification and skills with your requirements. Get in touch with us without any obligation and find out how Hays can support your organisation!

Katharina Heise

Senior Head of Department
  • Hays AG
  • An der Welle 3
  • 60322 Frankfurt am Main
Katharina Heise
Katharina Heise

Falko Lehmann

Head of Department
  • Hays AG
  • Willy-Brandt-Platz 1-3
  • 68161 Mannheim
Falko Lehmann
Falko Lehmann



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