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Cyber Security

We establish strategic partnerships
to close the cybersecurity skills gap,
keep people safe, and unlock business opportunities.

Cyber Security matters!

The frequency of cyber attacks has increased tremendously in recent months. The threats are not only becoming more frequent, but are also gaining in sophistication.

9 out of 10 companies fall victim to data theft, espionage or sabotage. The German economy suffers annual damage of around 203 billion euros and the global damage is estimated at $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025.

"Companies must strategically prepare to mitigate risks while unlocking
business opportunities." - Michael Beaupre, Head of Cyber Security, Hays

Do not be afraid!

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Overcome cyber threats

We are building global strategic partnerships to overcome cyber threats and providing your business with a unified solution to solving your cyber challenges.

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Close the glaring skills gap

We believe that people are at the heart of cyber security - one of the greatest risks we face is the exponentially growing cyber security skills gap.  Within the cyber security community, we are striving to close the gap to enable business models to thrive.

Globale Cyber Security Community aufbauen

Create a global cyber community

We have hired Michael Beaupre as our Head of Cyber Security to create and nurture a global cyber security community. We are commited to keeping people safe and unlocking business opportunity.

Securing our future
Building a joint Cyber Security community

We are committed to actively extending our broad range of global strategic relationships into the cyber security domain.  Partnering with business leaders, regulators, and highly skilled professionals and executives worldwide to establish modern, agile, and adaptive cyber security capabilities to protect critical assets and unlock new business opportunities.  Our clients, partners, and cadidates across all industries will benefit greatly from these strategic alliances.

Cyber Security Specialist (m/w/d)

As a Cyber Security Specialist, you will understand security risks, monitor IT systems, track unusual activity, and protect company data.

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Top jobs for Cyber Security Specialists

Webinar: Beat Cybercrime!

Cyber security is a hot topic!  It has a critical impact on the profitability of companies globally.  9 out of 10 companies are victims of data theft, espionage, or sabotage.

Engage the boardroom, maximize technology & grow human capital to win.

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"Cyber in the Spotlight" interview series

Hays speaks with cyber security leaders from around the world about your cybercrime challenges today.

In this episode, Michael Beaupre interviews Senior Vice President and Global Government CTO at Mandiant, Ron Bushar.

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Feel free to contact our Cyber Security team for a first meeting

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  • Michael Beaupre
    Head of Cyber Security
  • Feyza Teber
    Senior Cyber Security Recruiter
  • Hülya Akverdi
    Senior Key Account Manager

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