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Telecommunications in transition
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Driving force for digital transformation

The ICT industry is one of the major drivers for new products and services.


We will support you with the following skills

  • Network planner (radio network/landline)
  • Construction manager
  • Capacity planer
  • Software developer
  • IT-consultant
  • Project leader
  • System engineer
  • Helpdesk/Support staff
  • Tester
  • Cyber Security specialist
  • Fieldservice-Technician

Our contractual options at a glance

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Are you looking for the right specialist for the telecommunications industry?

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Emerging challenges for all sectors affected by the telecommunications industry

Since the telecommunications sector provides the technologies necessary for digital transformation and is closely linked with every industry in Germany, it is an industry of particular importance regarding the challenges of tomorrow. One of these challenges is the extension of the fibre optic network, which is being driven forward by politics and the economy to promote 5G standards and enable faster, more effective communications. On the one hand, this requires high bandwidths. On the other hand, it is necessary to comprehensively connect rural areas using frequencies below one gigahertz. Other challenges comprise the transition from ISDN to VoIP solutions and the implementation of information and communication structures with high bandwidths and a short latency period to ensure a successful Internet of Things.

Besides, the increased use of cloud-based applications for the autonomous interconnection of intelligent devices means major changes for the industry and requires companies from the telecommunications sector to develop new solutions. This also implies a change in business models, services and fee structures and clearly shows – once again – that 5G technology is imperative to ensure effective communications, data services and Industry 4.0.

New technologies for the industry of the future

The telecommunications industry is currently facing various challenges: The companies themselves are responsible for the development of the solutions needed in the future German economy. One should keep in mind that technological change is not only decisively shaped by telecommunications but also by those people who lead by example.

Since the sector is highly dynamic, there will likely be a high demand for specialists with a wide range of skills. After all, industries such as engineering, IT and electrical engineering are essential to the telecommunications sector – but suitable experts are rare.

Staying competitive – with Hays

Hays has been a pioneer and reliable partner for global HR solutions for decades. We are experts at anticipating the challenges of individual industries and proactively recruiting specialists needed in the future. In a personal interview, we get to know our candidates and assess their qualifications and personality – hard skills and soft skills are equally relevant to us. We successfully match experts and companies, even in case of challenging positions. Contact us and find out more about our services!

Michael Schmidt

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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt



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