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Find your skilled workers and managers for areas in the telecommunications industry

Some major changes are currently taking place in the German telecommunications industry. Among other things, this is because of the increasing demand for bandwidth and faster communication, which is required due to the digital transformation. As a result of these changes, the telecommunications industry needs increasing numbers of skilled workers and managers to address and successfully exploit these challenges. These include positions such as network planners and administrators, engineers specialising in wireless technologies, and developers who can develop and implement robust and advanced applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Based on our many years of experience in recruitment consulting and recruitment for the telecommunications industry, we know that: Finding qualified skilled workers can be costly and time-consuming. But we also know that we can find the specialists who will meet your requirements using our extensive pool of experts and our excellent personal contacts. We will look after the recruitment of your skilled workers and managers for you, and will introduce you to the first interesting candidates with experience in telecommunications just a few days after your enquiry.

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Personalised recruitment for your vacancies in the telecommunications industry

Are you at the end of your tether searching for qualified skilled workers and managers in the information technology (IT) and telecommunications areas? We will support you in dealing with the challenges of the telecommunications industry with suitable personnel. Let's analyse your personnel requirements together – we will look specifically for your future personnel. And you will complete your projects within the required time following successful recruitment.

Jobs in telecommunications – the engine for the digital transformation

The digital transformation is also continuing to progress in Germany. Expansion of the fibre optic network and the development of rural regions are required to fulfil the increasing demand for bandwidth and faster communication. As a result, information and communication structures must also be implemented.

In order to fulfil your requirements in the telecommunications industry, we will put you in contact with specialist personnel and managers in the following areas:

  • Network planners (radio networks/landline networks)
  • Construction managers
  • Capacity planners
  • Software developers
  • IT business consultants
  • Systems engineering project managers
  • Help desk / support personnel
  • Testers
  • Cyber security specialists
  • Field service technicians

The advantages for you by using Hays for recruitment consulting in the telecommunications area

  • One contact for specialist personnel in the IT and telecommunications industries
  • Exact matching of the experts' required and available qualifications
  • Short response time
  • Our remuneration: purely success-based

Our contractual options at a glance

We will support you with the following contract types

Cross-industry challenges for the key telecommunications industry

Since the telecommunications industry provides the technologies which are required for digital transformation and is closely linked with every German industry, it is an industry of particular importance. An example of one of these challenges is the expansion of the fibre optic network to include 5G standards and enable faster, more effective communications, which is being driven forward by politics and the economy. On the one hand, this requires high bandwidths, but at the same time it is needed in order to comprehensively connect rural areas using frequencies below 1 gigahertz. Other challenges include the transition from ISDN to VoIP solutions (Voice over Internet Protocol). Quite a number of information and communication structures with high bandwidths and a short latency period also need to be implemented for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The increased use of cloud-based applications for the autonomous networking of intelligent devices is also turning the industry on its head, and requires companies in the telecommunications industry to develop new solutions. This is also combined with a change in their own business models, services and fee structures and clearly shows once again that 5G technology is imperative to ensure effective communication, data services and Industry 4.0.

New technologies for the industry of the third millennium

This is a twofold challenge for the telecommunications industry: The companies themselves are responsible for the implementing the solutions which are needed in the future German economy. It is important to bear in mind that technological change is not only decisively shaped by the telecommunications industry, but is also exemplified and driven forward by it.

The dynamics in information technology in general will create a high demand for skilled workers with a wide range of skills in the future. After all, industries such as engineering, IT and electrical engineering come together in the telecommunications industry. But skilled workers are rare. We will be pleased to support you as a partner in the search for suitable experts for your company in telecommunications.

Put your trust in our recruitment services in telecommunications for your competitive future

Hays has been a reliable pioneer and partner for international HR solutions in the telecommunications industry for decades. Our distinguishing feature is that we can anticipate the

challenges of your industries and proactively recruit tomorrow's experts today. Before we introduce suitable personnel to you, our HR specialists conduct personal interviews with the candidates and therefore get a picture of their skills and personality – they also compare their soft skills and hard skills to the requirements of your company.

Even in the case of demanding job postings, we can bring your company together with skilled workers and managers from the telecommunications industry.



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