How to digitise your cv

The world of work is currently undergoing a major digital transformation and more and more activities are taking place online nowadays. New digital technologies allow new approaches. For example, companies now communicate digitally with their customers or connect their own internal networks to those of their suppliers. However, digital innovations in the world of work are not only reserved for companies. When searching for jobs and, in particular, when preparing your application documents, you can also use these technologies to help your CV stand out from the crowd of applications.

Digitalising your CV allows you to add links and other digital elements that can demonstrate your skills and experience – and that’s the novelty: you can now support what you are saying on your CV with digital evidence, which speaks far louder than any unsubstantiated claims you make on your own behalf.

Outclass the other applications

When searching for a job, always keep in mind that you are not the only one visiting job boards, reading job offers and writing applications − other people look for job advertisements and send applications as well.
Below, you will find five tips to help you easily adapt your CV to the digital age and make it differ clearly from the other applications.

1. Include links to illustrate your experience

2. Provide insight into your online presence>

3. Generate QR codes

4. Synchronise your CV with your social network profiles

5. Save your CV in a cloud

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  2. 1. Include links to illustrate your experience

    We recommend that you put your contact details at the top of your CV and then list your work experience in reverse chronological order, with focus on your key responsibilities and achievements. In addition, you should add links to websites, videos or blog posts in the experience section to demonstrate your expertise in particular areas.

    For example, if you were responsible for organising events in a previous role, add the link to a video about the event or a web page with post-event testimonials, photos and reviews. If you prepared a report that has been published online then include the link to it. If you have written blog posts on any topics related to your role or sector, also include those links. Relevant links will help you substantiate your listed responsibilities and achievements from previous jobs.

  3. 2  
  4. 2. Provide insight into your online presence

    When listing your contact details, include the links to your social network profiles, such as Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as to any other relevant online presences. Before doing so, make sure you are social media-savvy. You could also link to your blog.

    Well-maintained online profiles add tangible evidence about the skills listed on your CV, especially if you blog to demonstrate your expertise or add media to your social network profile. An up-to-date online presence can emphasise your soft skills, such as communication skills, creativity and professional conduct.

  5. 3  
  6. 3. Generate QR codes

    You could generate and add a QR code to your social network profiles or to a digital portfolio of your work. You can then add the QR code to the top of your CV. There are free QR code generators online that will generate one for you.

  7. 4  
  8. 4. Synchronise your CV with your social network profiles

    Make sure your CV and social network profiles contain the same digital elements. In fact, it is very important to align your online and offline profiles. Hiring managers and recruiters will research you online during the application process. If your profiles do not match each other, you may not get invited for an interview. In case you do receive an invitation, you should expect the questions to be more detailed.

  9. 5  
  10. 5. Save your CV in a cloud

    It is becoming increasingly common for companies to proactively search for candidates or outsource this task to recruitment consultants. If they find you, they will probably ask you for your CV. Being able to submit it immediately can make a good impression. That’s why you should save a digital version of your CV, for example as PDF file in a cloud, in order to make it accessible to you everywhere and at any time. This way, you can quickly send your CV when a company or personnel service provider approaches you with a job offer and asks for your CV. Of course, you can also make use of your online CV when sending unsolicited applications, i.e. when applying to a company without having come across a job advertisement.

Your digital CV can help you secure an interview

In case you don't know where best to start, you can use one of our CV samples in the Download Center for help. These templates will help you visualise your career path and adapt your CV to the digital age. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that there is no universal approach to designing and digitalising your CV − just as there is not only one way to write a good cover letter. However, the above suggestions will definitely help you make your CV stand out from the crowd, which will increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

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What is a video interview, and what are the special types of video interview?

A video interview is a type of job interview in which the applicant talks to a recruiter via video chat. The conversation can take place either in real time or after a time delay. The synonyms for a video interview include online job interview, online interview, digital job interview, online job talk, digital interview and virtual job interview.
In a time-delayed video interview, the applicants are provided with a list of questions beforehand and have a certain amount of time to record and transmit their answers.
Another alternative is the so-called video pitch. This is a short presentation which the applicant records and sends to the company. It is a question of presenting yourself concisely and convincingly within a short time, and highlighting your own skills and experience. The video pitch is frequently used as a supplement to the CV and cover letter method, and can help applicants to be shortlisted more quickly.

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