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IT service manager (m/f/d)

IT managers: solving problems in the corporate IT area

IT managers work in all industries where information technology and information processing play an important role. In companies, they are responsible for the monitoring of all IT-related processes and projects. In this context, they solve problems, eliminate errors and malfunctions and act as contact persons for all IT-related matters.



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Sie suchen einen Job als IT-Service-Manager (m/w/d)?

Als IT-Manager bzw. -Managerin lösen Sie mit Ihrem Know-how Probleme im Themenbereich der IT. Durch Ihre Kompetenz bringen Sie dabei die Informationstechnik eines Unternehmens voran. Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam Ihren nächsten Karriereschritt planen.

Sie suchen einen erfahrenen IT-Service-Manager (m/w/d)?

Benötigt Ihr Unternehmen tatkräftige Unterstützung bei dem Planen, Erstellen, Verwalten und Vertreiben von Informationstechnik? Die Bedeutung von IT wird in allen Branchen zunehmend größer. Lassen Sie sich von einem Service-Manager bzw. einer Service-Managerin unterstützen und bringen Sie Ihre Projekte auf ein neues Level.

Sie suchen ein neues Projekt als IT-Service-Manager (m/w/d)?

Sie suchen ein neues Projekt als IT-Service-Manager (m/w/d)? Ihr Wissen im Bereich Informatik, Management und Betriebswirtschaft ist unschlagbar und Sie möchten mit Ihrem Know-how einem Unternehmen bei der Entwicklung ihrer IT-Abteilung helfen? Dann bringen Sie Ihre Fähigkeiten in Projekten mit Hays ein und unterstützen bei verschiedenen Aufgaben, rund um den Bereich IT-Management.



The position of IT service manager is becoming increasingly important, and accordingly the career prospects in this field are good at present and in the future. As a rule, an academic degree in computer science is important. Experts from the field of business informatics are in particular demand, as the job of IT service manager requires knowledge of informatics as well as business management thinking patterns. Find out more now by contacting your personal contact for the IT specialist area at Hays!



IT service managers perform a wide variety of tasks. The salary is correspondingly lucrative. They work in project management and are responsible for internal communication and quality assurance. Primarily, they take care of solving problems at the IT level that customers or departments in the company bring to their attention. They use their expertise to analyse, structure and prioritise the problems and wishes of the client. From this they develop clear tasks for the entire IT team.

The tasks of IT managers are highly dependent on the company in question. In some companies they only handle internal processes, in others they act as an interface to sales and conduct customer consultations or are active in sales.

The most important tasks of IT managers include:

  • ✓ Internal communication within the company

  • ✓ Project management

  • ✓ Quality assurance

  • ✓ Formulating clear tasks for the IT department

  • ✓ Problem solving in the IT environment

  • ✓ Customer consulting and sales activities

hard and soft skills THE IT service managers should have?

IT service managers must have comprehensive knowledge of the latest information and communication technologies. Furthermore, they must have a good command of SQL databases and expertise regarding different kinds of hardware and software. 

In addition to IT skills, an analytical mindset, foreign language skills and negotiation skills are expected. The necessary soft skills include a structured way of working and excellent communication skills.

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The average gross salary for IT managers is 60,000 euros per year in Germany. The average starting salary is 45,000 euros per year. If you develop further in your career and become a senior, you can earn up to 100,000 per year gross.

Overall, the salary of IT managers (m/f/d) in Germany varies greatly and depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is the size and type of company. In larger companies, especially those listed in the DAX, the salary for IT service managers (m/f/d) can be significantly higher than in smaller or less well-known companies. In addition, the location, the qualification or professional experience and the responsibility play a decisive role in the salary negotiation

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