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Mobile developers: developing applications for mobile platforms

Nowadays, more than 50 percent of all website visits are made by using mobile devices. Therefore, websites and applications need to be optimised for the smaller user interfaces of these devices. The tasks of mobile developers include the development of applications for mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS as well as the programming of websites by means of different programming languages, e.g. HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Which opportunities do mobile developers have on the labour market?

Due to the growing digitalisation, there are more and more jobs for software developers, especially in the area of mobile application development. Thus, qualified mobile developers have great opportunities on the labour market. Companies from various industries, including information technology and finance, need their skills for the development of mobile software solutions. 

What are the tasks of mobile developers?

Mobile developers are responsible for the (conceptual) design and programming, functional testing, continuous further development and optimisation of software applications. They translate ideas into fully functional software. In addition to the usual programming tasks, they must be able to estimate the associated time and costs and justify them to the project managers and customers.

  • Conceptual design of mobile applications
  • Development of mobile applications and websites
  • Functional testing and ensuring smooth running
  • Further development and optimisation of the programmes
  • Realistic calculation of the required time and costs

Which hard skills and soft skills do companies expect from mobile developers?

One of the most important hard skills of mobile developers is technical expertise. Employers expect them to have an academic degree in computer sciences or a comparable vocational degree and comprehensive relevant experience. Mobile developers must possess solid know-how regarding the programming of iOS and/or Android applications and excellent skills in using programming languages such as Java, C#, HTML and CSS. Depending on the project, skills for the development of cross-platform applications by means of frameworks such as Xamarin may be required as well. Apart from technical expertise, mobile developers must be team players and have good communication skills in order to successfully implement demanding projects.

  • Technical expertise: programming skills in the areas of Android, iOS and cross-platform development
  • Team spirit and good English skills, enabling good performance in international teams
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience and good problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Motivation to continuously develop further

What is the average salary of mobile developers?

Mobile developers have an average annual salary of between EUR 45,000 and EUR 50,000. While the starting salary is about EUR 30,000, top employers are willing to pay experienced programmers up to EUR 80,000 per year.