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Software architect (m/f/d)

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Software architects: all in one – planning, developing and advising

Software architects develop programmes and system-specific applications according to the wishes and requirements of their customers and employers. In this context, it is essential to ensure mutual compatibility of the individual software systems or, respectively, compatibility within the existing system.

Which opportunities do software architects have on the labour market?

Software architects are responsible for the planning, the system design and the coordination of the different departments and employees involved in the programming activities. Almost every company relies on smoothly running software that can be adapted to individual requirements and be ideally integrated into the existing IT landscape. Thus, software architects are more and more in demand. They can work, for instance, in the automotive or IT industry, the logistics sector, the online trade area or in system houses. Learn more about how Hays can support your career as a software architect – in permanent position.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of software architects?

Software architects have a broad range of tasks not only limited to IT-related activities. They coordinate the expectations and requirements of internal/external customers by acting as an interface between these customers, the marketing and development and other specialist departments.

  • Planning of IT projects
  • Definition of approaches
  • Budget planning
  • Analysis of the IT environment
  • Adaptation of the software to the existing infrastructure
  • Coordination of all involved parties
  • Testing during pilot phases

Which hard skills and soft skills should software architects have?

Software architects should generally have an academic degree or a vocational qualification in a related field. In addition to technical expertise, social and communication skills are required as well.

  • Profound knowledge of IT technologies
  • An academic degree in computer sciences/a vocational qualification
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java or PHP
  • A clear and transparent way of communication
  • Team spirit
  • Networking talent
  • Flexibility – even in case of quickly changing requirements
  • Willingness to travel (especially for projects)

What is the average salary of software architects?

The salary of software architects mainly depends on their professional experience and the industry they are working in. The average starting salary is approximately EUR 43,000 per year, but it can rise to EUR 92,000 with increasing experience. In companies, software architects generally earn more – they may receive an annual salary of between EUR 85,000 and EUR 92,000. In the aviation and automotive industry, their salary is slightly lower than the average, i.e. between EUR 58,000 and EUR 62,000 per year.