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Sub-project manager (m/f/d)

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Sub-project managers: acting as interfaces between project managers and sub-project teams

Sub-project managers report to the overall project management and manage certain sub-areas of projects – they have a leading position and are responsible for all related planning, control and documentation activities. Sub-project managers thus act as interfaces between the project managers and the sub-project teams.

Which opportunities do sub-project managers have on the labour market?

Sub-project managers can work in companies from all economic sectors as well as in public administration. They should either have completed an apprenticeship in the commercial or technical area or have an academic degree in a technical field or a field related to business administration. In the IT and automotive industry, they are particularly in demand. Sub-project managers who already have project management experience and a relevant certification have very good prospects as well. Learn more about the areas sub-project managers can work in!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of sub-project managers?

Sub-project managers plan, monitor and coordinate their sub-projects. Their range of responsibilities also includes ensuring the compliance with deadlines, given budgets and defined quality standards. Additionally, they are responsible for the precise interpretation, channelling and forwarding of information received from the project management and the sub-project team as well as the identification and analysis of potential risks and conflicts related to their sub-projects. In this context, sub-project managers initiate the required countermeasures and keep the project management up to date. Finally, they also ensure a proper documentation and reporting process.

  • Planning, monitoring and coordination
  • Precise documentation, channelling and forwarding of information
  • Identification and analysis of risks and conflicts
  • Initiation of measures for the prevention of risks and conflicts
  • Ensuring proper documentation processes

Which hard skills and soft skills should sub-project managers have?

Sub-project managers require a good knowledge of the standard project management methods and a good command of the common project planning tools and Office applications. Moreover, they should be highly familiar with their company’s industry and business environment. Excellent communication and English language skills are required as well.

To successfully manage their daily business, sub-project managers should also possess certain soft skills, such as an analytical way of thinking and a high level of assertiveness.

  • A solution-oriented way of thinking
  • A quick perception
  • An independent way of working
  • A confident appearance
  • Team spirit

What is the average salary of sub-project managers?

On average, sub-project managers have an annual salary of EUR 63,000. While the starting salary is about EUR 46,600, sub-project managers with long-term experience may earn up to approximately EUR 84,500 per year.