Calculation engineers: optimising developments by means of simulation calculations

Calculation engineers use simulation software to carry out computational experiments. Based on the related results, they evaluate existing systems and make precise statements about, for instance, the resilience of materials or the stability of structures. These results also allow a reduction of the required working time and costs, an optimisation of the quality of the practical measurements and an acceleration of the development processes.


Calculation engineer (m/f/d)

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Are you looking for a job as a calculation engineer (m/f/d)?

Are you looking for a new challenge where your communication skills are just as much in demand as your technical know-how? Contribute your skills as a calculation engineer, for example in carrying out simulations and calculations and in developing special solutions.

Are you looking for a calculation engineer (m/f/d)?

Are you looking for calculation engineers who enjoy developing your product further and at the same time have the necessary knowledge to solve technical problems? With us you will find the calculation engineer who suits you.

Are you looking for an exciting project as a calculation engineer (m/f/d)?

You have already proven your know-how as a calculation engineer in several projects and are looking for a new task? Bring your industry-specific knowledge and skills to a new project and actively support the manufacture and optimisation of technical products. Let's go.

Calculation engineer jobs: The current prospects for your career

For a career as a calculation engineer, many employers require a degree in the subject area of the respective industry. The most suitable courses of study are automotive engineering, automation engineering, electrical engineering, food technology or chemical engineering. Prospective computational engineers can gain further qualifications by studying for a Master's degree in mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering. The prospects on the job market are currently particularly good in the automotive and chemical industries, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Find out now about the individual fields for computational engineers!

Top job offers for calculation engineers

Calculation engineers: tasks and activities

The tasks of computational engineers are manifold. They simulate and analyse all forms of product development or product optimisation using special digital simulation techniques. Through theoretical analyses, they contribute significantly to the optimisation of developments and also help to make products safer and more durable.

In addition to documenting the measurements, the evaluation and analysis of the results are also part of the everyday work of a calculation engineer. Based on the results, they develop solutions for technical problems and coordinate them with customers, suppliers or production. The most important tasks of calculation engineers include:

  • ✓ Preparing and carrying out digital simulations and calculations
  • ✓ Evaluating the results
  • ✓ Presenting and discussing the results with the responsible technical departments
  • ✓ Documentation
  • ✓ Developing technical solutions for special customer requirements

A calculation engineer should have these hard skills and soft skills

In addition to technical expertise, it is important for calculation engineers to be proficient in the use of common simulation software and software for 3-D visualisation. Strong communication skills and a very good command of German and English are a prerequisite for smooth communication with the various specialist departments and customers.
Necessary soft skills for everyday work are:

  • Flexibility
  • Structured and independent way of working
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Reliability
  • Solution-oriented

You need these hard skills for this job:

  • Analytical problem-solving thinking
  • Confident use of Office applications
  • Quality awareness
  • Organisational talent

Calculation Engineer Salary: This is what a calculation engineer earns on average

Calculation engineers earn an average gross salary of between 42,000 and 52,800 euros per year in Germany, depending on the employer. Salaries at entry level are between 36,000 and 45,000 euros gross per year. Experienced calculation engineers achieve gross annual salaries between 60,000 and 79,000 euros.

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As a calculation engineer, you will use your specialist knowledge in an exciting working environment. You carry out computational experiments with the help of simulation software and drive technical development in your company.
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