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Configuration engineers: experts when it comes to controlling and keeping an overview of product development

Configuration engineers monitor product development processes. They are responsible for configuration planning regarding commodities and machines as well as for implementing the corresponding development processes and checking the relevant settings with regard to the overall product.

Which opportunities do configuration engineers have on the labour market?

Configuration engineers work in a profession with a promising future: new machines, such as cars, are becoming increasingly complex, which is why configuration management experts are highly sought-after. The large variety of different models and the fact that the products are manufactured at several locations require a good overview and documentation of the complex development process. Due to the great number of different technical devices, software and other items in numerous industries, configuration engineers have excellent career prospects in many areas, also at international level.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of configuration engineers?

Configuration engineers hold managerial positions in which they supervise the entire product configuration process. When an aircraft is developed, for instance, many people work on different configurations that must be compatible with each other in order for the overall product to function. Configuration engineers are in charge of the product development process. They have to keep an overview of the entire process, which they also document. This way, important information can be accessed by all departments and teams involved and can also be used in the future. Configuration engineers thus ensure greater transparency while at the same time enhancing interdisciplinary understanding within the company.

  • Organisation and planning of the overall configuration
  • Configuration identification
  • Check of the final settings
  • Documentation of the product development process

Which hard skills and soft skills should configuration engineers have?

An academic degree or completed training in computer sciences is required in order to work as a configuration engineer. Besides, good leadership skills and strong communication skills are essential.

  • An analytical way of thinking and a strong work discipline
  • An accurate and structured way of working
  • Confident in using various databases
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools (Rational Synergy)
  • Experience in using the version management tools Bazaar, codeBeamer, Polarion and Team Foundation Server
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the relevant industry

What is the average salary of configuration engineers?

The salaries of configuration engineers depend on industry and professional experience. Their average annual salary is about EUR 70,000, with starting salaries amounting to at least EUR 38,000 gross per year. Highly qualified configuration engineers with comprehensive professional experience may even receive annual salaries of about EUR 120,000.