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Hardware developers: developing prototypes and devices

Identifying required hardware solutions, developing concepts and building prototypes that can be presented in a convincing manner while taking into account both costs and benefits – all these tasks belong to the job of hardware developers. They therefore need to have sound specialist knowledge in the areas of electrical and communications engineering. Besides, they need to be experienced with the required software.

Which career prospects do hardware developers have?

Irrespective of the application area, it is essential that hardware keeps pace with the further development of the available software solutions. IT systems, and hence hardware and software combinations, can be found in almost every company and organisation, and even the serial production of hardware is based on the development of suitable prototypes. Qualified hardware developers with the required expertise and soft skills thus have excellent prospects on the job market.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of hardware developers?

Hardware developers are specialists with a broad range of basic knowledge in different areas, e.g. electrical engineering or natural sciences. They can specialise by acquiring hardware/software design skills. The tasks of hardware developers comprise the conduct of requirements analyses as well as the creation of concepts, layouts and prototypes. Moreover, ensuring the readiness for serial production of hardware components is also part of their job.

  • Analysis of specifications and determination of requirements
  • Creation of concepts and prototypes
  • Development of hardware solutions – from the conceptual design up to the readiness for serial production
  • Calculation, presentation and documentation

Which hard skills and soft skills should hardware developers have?

Hardware development experts must have a solid educational background, for example a university degree in electrical, communications or computer engineering. Besides, qualifications in areas such as communications technology, telematics or IT design are beneficial. In addition, hardware developers need to have basic knowledge of the common programming languages, operating systems and software architectures as well as good English skills and soft skills.

  • Specialist knowledge in the fields of computer sciences, electrical engineering and communications engineering
  • Programming languages and operating systems
  • Very good English skills
  • Flexibility, a solution-oriented way of working and team spirit
  • Reliability and a sense of responsibility

What is the average salary of hardware developers?

The average annual income of hardware developers starts at about EUR 38,000. Depending on the region and industry, the size of the company and, of course, the level of professional experience, a significantly higher salary is possible.