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Software engineer (m/f/d)

Software engineer: interface between vision and implementation

Software engineers conceptualise and develop new software systems. The software engineer brings competencies that combine the skills of the software developer with strategic planning. As an external consultant, they ensure that management's visions can be implemented through the practical introduction of software and hardware tools in corporate processes.

Due to the combination of computer science and management, software engineers with their know-how experience a strong demand on the labour market. Especially if they have good English skills, they can choose their employer. With their in-depth knowledge of IT and engineering, software engineers are problem solvers for a company and optimise existing (technical) processes. 

Software engineer (m/f/d)

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Are you looking for a job as a software engineer (m/f/d)?

As a software engineer, you drive software production forward with your know-how and strong concepts. Let's plan your next career step together.

Are you looking for an experienced software engineer (m/f/d)?

Does your company need active support in planning, creating, managing and distributing software systems? IT is becoming increasingly important in all industries. Let a software engineer support you and bring your operating systems and databases to a new level.

Are you looking for a new project as a software engineer (m/f/d)?

Your knowledge of computer science and management is unbeatable and you would like to use your know-how to help a company develop their software systems engineering? Then bring your skills to projects with Hays and support them in various tasks related to the field of engineering.

What career opportunities do software engineers have on the job market?

As a software engineer, you can find fields of activity in virtually all industries. Wherever software and engineering come together, i.e. in production and processing, software engineers are in demand. They often work as highly qualified external consultants. Larger corporations occasionally hire software engineers on a permanent basis according to demand. Software engineers can often take over the management of projects and lead entire teams.

What does a software engineer do?

The tasks of software engineers are the modelling of processes in the company and the development of software systems based on them, which can withstand high demands due to complex software architectures. Accompanying and supervising the implementation of comprehensive software solutions also still falls within the scope of software engineers. .

Furthermore, the tasks of software engineers include the planning, programming, administration and distribution of software systems. They maintain and improve existing software systems of the company to make a smooth work process possible.

In many cases, software engineers depend on the cooperation with software developers during the job, but depending on the requirement profile, he or she can also take over their tasks. The most important tasks are:

  • Conception of comprehensive software systems
  • Process analysis and modelling
  • Accompanying the implementation of software solutions

What hard skills and soft skills should a software engineer have?

Software engineers must be able to combine the skills of an engineer with those of a manager. These include analytical thinking and the ability to think abstractly. An education in the field of engineering and comprehensive knowledge from the IT sector are also prerequisites for the profession. Desirable soft skills include flexibility and a quick grasp of new ideas in order to quickly meet changing requirements in demanding industries. In addition, the following skills are relevant for software engineers:

  • Knowledge of development methodologies and tools
  • Knowledge of common programming languages and operating systems
  • Familiarity with software and cloud applications
  • Ability to work in a team and assertiveness
  • Analytical thinking and ability to abstract
  • Structured work
  • Ability to act independently
  • Ability to analyse

How does one become a software engineer?

To be able to do the job of software engineer, you need to have successfully completed a degree in software engineering, computer engineering or software systems engineering. Without an academic degree, one cannot work as an engineer.

Software engineer salary: What do you earn?

Salary prospects in the IT sector are generally very good. While software engineers who have completed a degree in computer science start with an entry-level salary of around 40,000 euros, an experienced software engineer (m/f/d) can expect a higher salary. Depending on professional experience as a department head, even up to 90,000 euros gross per year.

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