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Are you looking for an HR specialist for permanent employment?

Filling vacancies where Specialists and Managers are sought

In our Hays HR permanent recruitment department, we find Specialists and Managers to work in Human Resources.

Regional teams of advisors are there to support you on site

Our teams of consultants at the Hays locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Ulm, Munich and Nuremberg are the point of contact for your respective region. Due to their local presence, our consultants not only know about national and international recruitment opportunities, but are also familiar with the regional framework conditions of our clients.

Specialist personnel consultancy tailored to you

Our working method follows the principle of specialist personnel consulting based on an advertisement-based and database-supported search for the most suitable and motivated candidates.

In order to address particularly specific client requirements, our consultants and recruiters rely on active networking and personal recommendations.

Each search operation is preceded by a personal meeting with as many of our clients' decision-makers as possible, in which the precise requirements and expectations of the candidate are discussed and arranged according to priorities. Furthermore, the most efficient recruiting process is decided together.

Jeder Auftrag ist der Beginn einer langfristigen Beziehung
Jeder Auftrag ist der Beginn einer langfristigen Beziehung
Jeder Auftrag ist der Beginn einer langfristigen Beziehung

Personal support for efficient recruitment

We see every order from a new client as the beginning of a long-term relationship and the basis of a lasting partnership.

Trust, performance, clear communication and absolute commitment are the most important cornerstones here.

We offer you:

  • Specialist and methodically competent personnel consultancy for HR Specialised
  • Consultants who know their clients’ markets
  • Access to the largest qualified candidate pool of experts and managers
  • Industry-focused or cross-industry search
  • Access to the Hays job board in order to optimally place clients’ anonymised or logo-bearing ads on the internet
  • Access to our partner job boards and our content partner sites
  • Our professional networks to qualified and high-performing experts and managers
  • Professional approach and pre-selection of suitable candidates
  • Reference procurement
  • Tight process management and moderating support in face-to-face interviews and when concluding an employment contract
  • A goal-oriented and resilient partnership with an established and long-term successful international recruitment partner
  • • Combined solutions in collaboration with our neighbouring areas Hays HR Contracting for interim management solutions and our sister company Hays Professional Solutions GmbH for issues relating to qualified temporary staff