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Business Partner Stories-Arbeitnehmerüberlassung

Temporary employment


Organising events, creating virtual training concepts, optimising communication processes: Jennifer Traub, a project manager, supports a leading automotive manufacturer in anchoring its new corporate culture, while developing her own skills every day.

Getting started as a project manager in the HR department? “I would have never thought of it myself,” says Jennifer, laughing. Today she knows that her communication and organisational talent is in demand in many different areas. “I gained this insight thanks to Hays,” she says.

Following her master’s degree in empirical marketing, the 28-year-old applied for a number of social media positions, among which there was also a Hays job ad. “My application wasn’t successful, but also not in vain,” recalls the young woman from Stuttgart. That's because Hays saved her profile and, a short time later, was able to offer her a position at a leading automotive manufacturer. As a Hays project manager, she was tasked with helping the company for around six months to establish a new corporate culture. “An exciting task,” thought Jennifer, accepted the invitation to an interview and, two weeks later, moved into her new office.

“The whole thing passed off in no time,” she says. One of the reasons was that she was fully prepared for her interview. Her personal Hays supervisor provided the new entrant to the labour market with key information in advance about the project and the advertised position. “This helped me ask the right questions, which went down well with my potential employer,” explains Jennifer.

Meanwhile, the company has successfully embarked on its cultural transformation, streamlined decision-making processes and implemented digital communication platforms.

Hays candidate satisfaction

Although Jennifer’s original job is therefore complete, the talented organiser is still on board: Her temporary employment contract has already been renewed twice and her sphere of responsibility has gradually expanded. “This proves to me that my colleagues regard me as a full member of the team.”


“I am confident that the future will continue to hold such dream jobs for me.”

Meanwhile, she is working with the HR department to organise innovative training concepts and webinars—and has got her hands full. The road ahead isn’t decided yet. “I’m excited to see what I’ll be doing next. What’s important to me is that I can gain more experience,” says Jennifer Traub. There is every indication that this will happen—because Hays supports around 3,000 well-known companies that often have urgent openings for qualified support, offering experts a variety of temporary employment and exploration options. “Thanks to Hays, I found a job where I can fully unleash my potential,” is Jennifer’s positive conclusion. “I am confident that the future will continue to hold such dream jobs for me.”