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- optimising processes

In the age of digitalisation, product life cycles are shortening while the pressure to innovate and the skill requirements for specialists are constantly increasing. These challenges can hardly be mastered with a company’s own employees alone. Thus, hiring flexible external resources makes sense and has become the new standard.

Successfully managing procurement requirements while at the same time handling complex legal frameworks is of great relevance for the entire corporate culture. The purchasing department plays an essential steering role in this respect.

Making compliance a strategy

Noreen Loepke, Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V.

Compliant sourcing as a change management process

Carlos Frischmuth, Hays AG

Viewing the legally compliant use of external personnel as a part of change management

Change Management

Don't hesitate – act now

Regardless of their size and the industry they operate in, companies all face similar problems when it comes to external staff and compliance. There is no denying that legal regulations are tightening and bureaucratic requirements are increasing. However, companies often do not realise in time that they need to take urgent action on this issue. In some companies, the complexity of these topics is even met with resistance. Don’t make the same mistake, act now and protect your company from risks!

Think ahead

Ensure process transparency and establish a basic understanding of the importance of legal compliance when using external staff in your company. It is essential that the specialist divisions and the legal and HR departments work closely together with the purchasing department. The worlds of work and procurement are extremely dynamic nowadays, and complexity is constantly increasing. This requires you to continuously think ahead and make necessary adjustments.

Align best practices

The change process associated with increasing compliance specifications requires intensive joint efforts of the clients and the contractors (i.e. the service providers). One-sided solutions are usually not sufficient. We will be happy to support you in the development of cooperative concepts within the framework of our Compliant Sourcing® concept: in addition to our expertise, we offer you a practical and solution-oriented approach – be it with regard to service contracts, statements of work or temporary employment.

Hays Compliant Sourcing®

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Matthias Kossin, B.Sc.
Matthias Kossin, B.Sc.