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What Compliant Sourcing means to us

Compliant Sourcing is a specific consulting concept developed by Hays that helps our customers achieve legal compliance when using flexible employment options such as temporary engagements, contracts for work and services and statements of work.*

Hays Compliant Sourcing is aimed at

Purchasing and procurement managers, who want to review their existing measures and processes around Compliant Sourcing and fine-tune these to meet their own particular needs.

HR managers , who recognised the relevance of legal compliance in procuring external experts and proactively want to avoid risks.

Department managers, who want to expand their sourcing compliance system to include a risk-based and market-based approach.

Legal and compliance managers, who are looking to promote the implementation of recruitment best practices.

New labour legislation has raised further questions

  • Is it still possible to engage a temp worker for more than 18 months?
  • What does the end of using umbrella companies mean for temp employment?
  • What should companies be aware of when making out future contracts?
  • What tasks can be performed using a contract for work and services?
  • Who defines the working times and locations for freelancers?

These and other similar areas need to be clarified when working with external specialists. Otherwise, the risk of receiving fines and sanctions can be considerable. Please feel free to contact us so that we can advise you on how best to find your way through these issues.

Good reasons to work with Hays

Using the Compliant Sourcing approach developed by Hays, you can draw up and realise your contracts for work and services, statements of work and temp contracts in a fully legally compliant way and thus securing all your flexible employment options.

Your needs

You need specialists with expert knowledge who can provide short-term support for your projects, handle fluctuating work demands and business situations or bring innovative ideas to your product development.

They must meet legal requirements for the use of third-party resources and, together with their personnel services provider, ensure these are implemented in accordance with applicable legislation.

You expect a knowledgeable consultant who is well-versed in all aspects of compliant sourcing, who knows all applicable legal requirements in detail, who can be relied upon to be available when needed and can offer you the entire range of flexible expert deployments you need.

What We Can Offer You

We are thoroughly acquainted with the important points that arise when integrating external specialists and know very well that simple solutions – such as just ticking items off a checklist – are usually inadequate. Working closely with you, we will analyse your processes and organisational measures so that together we can make these the best they can be. In the process, we will also take into consideration your individual framework conditions and requirements.

If required, we can also support you with workshops, staff training and further measures that complement our Compliant Sourcing approach.

Through continuous, systematic monitoring of your use of third-party personnel, we can help you to achieve legal conformity throughout the entire term of your contracts.

Our Strengths

Anyone using external staff needs to be well informed about the corresponding legal requirements governing their use – or have a well-informed partner they can call on when required. Since 1995, Hays has carried out more than 100,000 individual deployments in areas such as contracts for work and services, statements of work and temporary employment. You can trust in us to ensure you comply with all applicable legal requirements.

  • Complete offerings for the use of external experts
  • Compliance certification in accordance with TÜV Rheinland CMS 101: 2015 (incorporating ISO 19600 for compliance management systems)
  • 15 member Compliant Sourcing competence team
  • Bespoke solutions for individual customer needs
  • Best practice and Know how from more than 370 consulting meetings
  • A distinct, comprehensive compliance culture with clear ethical standards
  • Sustainable engagement in a variety of associations and with legislative policy
  • Active engagement with legislative changes around the use of external personnel

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to call or email us.

Carlos Frischmuth

Carlos Frischmuth

  • Director Compliant Sourcing
  • Hays
  • Willy-Brandt-Platz 1-3
  • 68161 Mannheim
  • T: +49 621 1788 1710
  • E: c.frischmuth@hays.de
Carlos Frischmuth

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* The contents of consultations are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal and / or tax advice. Hays accepts no liability for the information provided.