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Use all contract forms in a legally compliant manner
with Compliant Sourcing®


In our fast-changing world, companies are faced with enormous challenges that can often only be tackled by investing in external expertise and personnel. We create solutions for the flexible and compliant deployment of external personnel via service contracts, statements of work and temporary employment.

COMPLIANT SOURCING® – is the consulting concept developed by Hays that supports the compliant use of flexible forms of work in service contracts, statements of work and temporary employment.

Our comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws and regulations as well as our proven process and method knowledge form the basis of this concept. We will support you in the implementation and adaptation of processes and organisational measures.

This is the only way to minimise business risks.

Hays Compliant Sourcing®

Read the Hays magazine (PDF)

Compliant Sourcing® magazine

In our magazine, you can read interesting facts and news regarding the legally compliant deployment of external staff and flexible forms of work.

Hays Blog

Living the Compliance Principles - Project Monitoring

The mere declaration of intent to work "compliantly" is simply not enough.

Web-Based Training

Building and anchoring knowledge

With our Web-Based Training you sensitize your employees and increase your external staff compliance. For everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Hays Blog

Compliance, Scrum and flexible working

What should be considered from a legal perspective when working with external specialists?

Change Management

Check. Change. Implement.

Meeting growing requirements for external staff compliance requires change processes in the organizational structures.

Compliant Sourcing® in a nutshell

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Matthias Kossin, B.Sc.

Matthias Kossin, B.Sc.

Matthias Kossin, B.Sc.