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Compliant Sourcing® is a specific consulting concept developed by Hays

We support you in designing legally-compliant, flexible forms of work covering temporary employment, service contracts and contracts for work and services.* The use of external personnel has become much more complex due to the legal framework conditions that have existed since the AÜG amendment came into effect. Contracting companies and service providers must now implement and maintain these newly created processes in their own organisations.

Thus optimising and reviewing existing processes as well as ensuring joint coordination between clients and service providers is crucial. This is the only way to minimise risks on both sides of the business equation. The good news? It's still possible to make use of external personnel in all their forms. At Hays, we support our customers through our comprehensive background knowledge of the legal environment that exists around various modes of employment as well as through our own individual concepts and solutions.  

Brochure Compliant Sourcing®

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Interviews with the Compliant Sourcing® experts at Hays (only in German)

Regelkonformer Fremdpersonaleinsatz im organisatorischen Spannungsfeld

Compliant Sourcing® as Change Management Process, Carlos Frischmuth, Managing Director Compliant Sourcing

Making compliance a strategy, Noreen Loeske, Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics

Hays Compliant Sourcing® – Leistungsbeschreibungen im selbständigen Dienstvertrag

Hays Compliant Sourcing® – Prozess- und Organisationsberatung

HAYS Compliant Sourcing® - Sensibilisierung Ihrer Mitarbeiter durch Schulungen

Kristof Wittmann, Consultant Compliant Sourcing®
Philipp Sutterer, Abteilungsleiter Temp Internal Services

Hays Compliant Sourcing® – Projektmonitoring im Fremdpersonaleinsatz


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