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IT Helpdesk / IT support (m/f/d)

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IT Helpdesk / IT support technicians: offering customers best service

IT Helpdesk / IT support technicians have expert knowledge and support customers in case of questions and problems with products or services, mainly in the field of hardware or software. The customer service is mainly provided via phone but also via e-mail or live chat.

Which opportunities do IT helpdesk / IT support technicians have on the labour market?

The customer support is getting more and more important for customers when selecting a partner to work with. They expect fast, uncomplicated and successful help if they have any questions or problems with hardware or software. The IT helpdesk / IT support technicians are responsible for fulfilling these high expectations. Due to the great importance of customer satisfaction, qualified helpdesk/support technicians have good opportunities on the labour market, especially in the areas of engineering, finance and information technology.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of IT helpdesk / IT support technicians?

IT Helpdesk / IT support technicians respond to questions and provide solutions to all kinds of problems – mainly via phone but also via e-mail, chat or remote support. The customer requests are centrally managed by an issue tracking system. A helpdesk is usually divided into three levels; each level is managed by a specific group of specialists:

The first-level support is the first point of contact for the customer. Basic IT skills are required; a specialisation, however, is usually not necessary. If the first-level helpdesk/support technicians are not able to solve the problem, the ticket is passed on to more specialised technicians in the second-level support unit. If they cannot solve the problem either, the ticket is forwarded to the third-level support experts.

  • Answering customer requests regarding hardware and software
  • Providing help with problems and finding solutions
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Which hard skills and soft skills should IT helpdesk / IT support technicians have?

In case of software problems, for instance, IT helpdesk / IT support technicians have to ensure the correct Windows configuration or search for network errors.

To solve problems efficiently, certain soft skills are required. Even though certain procedures and workflows are defined and have to be followed, critical thinking is also important to be successful in this role.

  • Technical know-how regarding the hardware and software of the company
  • Specialist know-how in areas like network technology or applications
  • A solution-oriented way of thinking
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Active listening skills

What is the average salary of IT helpdesk / IT support technicians?

The average starting salary is approximately EUR 27,000 gross per year, but it can rise to between EUR 35,000 and EUR 45,000 later on, depending on the level of qualification, the experience and the employer.