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Planners: developing corporate strategies

Planners are generally responsible for the planning of certain processes, strategies or productions. They hold positions in many industries, where they develop plans but also manage the related implementation processes.

Which opportunities do planners have on the labour market?

There are different types of planners, e.g. construction planners, production planners, electrical planners, media planners or strategic planners – thus, planners can work in different industries and are highly sought-after.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of planners?

The individual tasks of planners vary depending on the area of work.

  • Preparation of planning documents and requirements specifications
  • Monitoring of their areas with regard to the expected result, e.g. based on key figures or the production output
  • Initiation of countermeasures in case of deviations
  • Identification of measures to improve the area in charge of
  • Cooperation with and monitoring of the operational employees involved, e.g. production employees or parties working on the construction site

Which hard skills and soft skills should planners have?

An academic degree in a technical or construction-related is an advantage, but a technical vocational qualification may also be sufficient. In many other industries, an appropriate vocational degree, e.g. as a planner of technical building services or electrical planner, ideally with a master certification, is required.

  • Analytical skills
  • Assertiveness and a confident appearance
  • Good communication skills
  • A systematic way of working
  • An economic way of thinking
  • A high level of personal initiative

What is the average salary of planners?

Planners have a job involving a high level of responsibility and therefore usually have a high salary. On average, their annual salary amounts to between EUR 40,000 and EUR 60,000; with increasing professional experience and responsibility, it may rise up to EUR 80,000.