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Diversity means life, reality – and is an absolute must for innovation and competitiveness.

Thus, there is no alternative. The complex challenges of our time can no longer be solved in our own information bubble. On the contrary: the more perspectives, experiences and cultural backgrounds are integrated in innovation and decision-making processes, the better the results.

As a company whose business model will shape tomorrow’s world of work, it is therefore important for us to set an example and promote diversity in all its facets. For this purpose, we focus on equal opportunities – both internally and externally.

This means: we assess our employees as well as our candidates on the basis of their performance and behaviour – not on the basis of their gender, age, ethnic background, religion, state of health, social background or sexuality!

Diversity in our company

41 Nationen

Der Frauenanteil unter den Mitarbeitenden bei Hays beträgt 65%

Der Frauenanteil aller Führungskräfte bei Hays beträgt 46%

Dirk Hahn, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Hays AG




The members of our Diversity Council, founded in 2018, act as ambassadors to promote diversity: They initiate dialogues, examine existing structures and processes, prioritise fields of action and deviate appropriate measures.


Code of Conduct

We regularly review our patterns of thinking and behaviour. Our Diversity Code of Conduct provides guidance for doing so. It is based on our corporate values and clarifies the behaviour we expect from managers and employees regarding diversity and inclusion.


Flexible part-time working models

On the Diversity Council's initiative, our existing part-time working models have been reviewed and strongly adapted for managers and staff. Meanwhile, the different working time models have been implemented – for a good work-life balance.


Pride Network

With the Hays Pride Network appreciative we have created an exchange platform for our LGBTIQ+ community and we demonstrate internally and externally that we stand for an open and appreciative corporate culture. All employees can support the Hays Pride Network as an ‘Ally’.


The fathers-network HAYSd@ds

Offers to reconcile family and work often focus on mothers. However, at Hays, more and more men would like to play an active role in shared caring. Among others, we therefore have initiated a network to support fathers.



More than 40% of Hays' managers are female. However, as nice as this number is: Women in management positions still face particular challenges. Lioness, our network for female experts and leaders, helps them to exchange experiences and support each other.


Diversity & Inclusion training

Diversity cannot be imposed – it must be developed and experienced in a cultural process. Our mandatory Diversity & Inclusion training shows all employees and managers how they can contribute to this process individually.



In order to measure changes, we create division-specific Diversity Dashboards each on, amongst others, promotions, the gender distribution at each hierarchy level, the number of employees working part-time or the different nationalities in our company.


diversity purpose

We embrace and promote diversity in all its facets – not just on a national level, but also worldwide throughout the entire Hays Group. You can read our global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion purpose here.


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Diversity Management

Diversity is not a self-runner

Diversity is a cultural issue and cannot simply be imposed on people. Therefore, there are a few things to consider when introducing diversity management.

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How the corona pandemic exacerbates the inequality of opportunity and what countermeasures can help.


Diversity – more than colourful programmes

A modern approach to diversity: changing old career patterns and creating individual career concepts.

Hays ist neues Mitglied des Charta der Vielfalt e.V.

Vielfalt, Toleranz, Fairness und Wertschätzung in der Arbeitswelt vorantreiben - das ist das gemeinsame Ziel aller Unternehmen im größten deutschen Netzwerk für Diversity in der Arbeitswelt: der Charta der Vielfalt e.V.
Diesem Ziel haben auch wir uns verschrieben und sind deshalb seit Januar 2022 nicht mehr nur Unterzeichner, sondern Vereinsmitglied des Charta der Vielfalt e.V. Damit agieren wir nicht nur aktiv als Impulsgeber für die Gestaltung der Diversity Agenda in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, sondern positionieren uns auch als First Mover in der Personalberatungsbranche - aus gutem Grund, wie CEO Dirk Hahn erklärt:

„Als Personalberatungsunternehmen prägen wir die Arbeitswelt von heute und morgen. Die Mitgliedschaft im Charta der Vielfalt e.V. gibt uns die Möglichkeit, die Diversity-Agenda für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft aktiv mitzugestalten – und damit auch außerhalb unseres Unternehmens Impulse zu setzen und den Kulturwandel voranzutreiben. Wir freuen uns, zukünftig noch enger zusammenzuarbeiten und wichtige Initiativen und Projekte gemeinsam voranzutreiben.“

Hays certified by the Women's Career Index for the second time

We are delighted to have achieved an above-average improvement of 20% and a top-ranking position in the upper-middle range of the certified companies.

To what extent does a company promote women's careers? In the case of Hays, this has now been assessed for the second time by the independent Women's Career Index (FKi) – with gratifying results: the index score rose from 65 to 78 index points, i.e. an increase of 20% compared to the first evaluation in 2018. Michaela Jaap, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Hays, is pleased: “With this result, we are ranking in the upper-middle range of all companies certified”, she says. The sub-indices “commitment” and “framework conditions”, which are prerequisites for more women in management positions, were rated particularly positively. “We have established a solid foundation which we can now build upon with full commitment”, adds Michaela Jaap.

We celebrate diversity because...

Employee video to celebrate the 8th German Diversity Day 2020.

How women make a difference at Hays

Video on the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2020.

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“Striving for diversity is a pressing need of our time: we live and work in a world in transition in which monocultures and one-sided perspectives no longer work. My goal is therefore to embed diversity not only in our corporate structures, but also in the mindset of all employees and in our corporate culture.”

Michaela Jaap

Head of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Hays
Michaela Jaap
Michaela Jaap

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