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Cloud engineer (m/f/d)

Cloud engineers: experts for cloud services

Since the digital transformation and the emergence of Industry 4.0, data storage in the cloud is becoming increasingly important. The cloud enables the storage, collection and processing of digital information. Cloud engineers are IT specialists and are responsible for all aspects of a cloud-based system and check whether the cloud architects have designed the servers correctly. Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects are responsible for ensuring that the systems developed meet the needs of business customers. They take over the planning and management of cloud environments, the maintenance of technical systems and are thus responsible for all aspects of cloud computing. 

Cloud Engineer

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Are you looking for a new challenge as a Cloud Engineer (m/f/d)?

Are you an expert in installing and maintaining cloud-based servers and developing and structuring data security in the company? Then expand your expertise in a new, exciting project as a Cloud Engineer with Hays.

Are you looking for an experienced Cloud Engineer (m/f/d)?

Does your company need strong support in optimising cloud-based data security and configuring technical systems? Then a Cloud Engineer is exactly the position you should fill. Cloud engineers are needed in all industries to play an important role in the company on the topic of data security.

Are you looking for a new project as a Cloud Engineer (m/f/d)?

Are you an expert in installing and maintaining cloud-based servers and developing and structuring data security in the company? Then expand your expertise in a new, exciting project as a Cloud Engineer with Hays.

What opportunities do cloud engineers have on the job market?

The demand for experts in Big Data Services and Cloud Infrastructure Services is high and there is no slowdown in sight. So far, there is no set path of a specific education to pursue this profession. What is important is a great deal of expertise around the field of computer science and mastery of various scripting languages. Companies in various industries offer cloud engineering jobs to prepare themselves for the data protection and data security requirements of the present and future. Accordingly, the chances of qualified cloud engineers on the labour market are high. Potential employers come from fields of expertise such as information technology and data engineering.

What are the tasks of a cloud engineer?

Cloud engineers have a variety of tasks. The focus is on the infrastructure of the cloud-based computer systems. They create the documentation for the design of the systems, and in doing so, engineers deal with computer hardware and computer software. Cloud Engineers can take on all technical functions related to the IT infrastructure. In their job, cloud engineers are also familiar with digital engine and data engineering, but focus on IT management. In summary, the following tasks can be noted for Cloud Engineers: 

  • ✔ Data security meetings with managers and customers
  • ✔ Setting up and maintaining cloud-based servers
  • ✔ Overseeing the work of cloud architects and other IT staff
  • ✔ Determining the software needed for the business
  • ✔ Security of cloud-based systems and programmes
  • ✔Testing the systems IT training of staff 

Which hard skills and soft skills should cloud engineers have?

Qualified cloud engineers require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences as well as long-term experience in working with server operating systems and hardware. Knowledge of cloud security is essential to protect sensitive company data and hardware against attacks.

Furthermore, they must have a good command of different programming languages (e.g. Python) and operating systems. Last but not least, cloud engineers must possess excellent problem-solving skills, be able to identify and solve performance problems and have experience with Linux and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • An academic degree in computer sciences or a similar qualification with specialisation in cloud computing
  • Programming skills
  • Expert knowledge of server operating systems
  • Experience with different tools and services (e.g. Amazon Web Services)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills ensuring an appropriate communication with customers
  • Mastery of different programming languages

  • Understanding of data (bank) processing

Cloud Engineer Salary: How much do you earn?

Experts like cloud engineers are in extremely high demand. The demand on the specialist market is correspondingly high and the job opportunities correspondingly good. In Germany, cloud engineers earn an average salary of 65,000 euros gross. The starting salary of a junior cloud engineer is around 45,000 euros and top employers such as Google and Microsoft pay around 75,000 euros a year and more. Senior cloud engineers can expect a salary of up to 90,000 euros gross per year.


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