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Recruitment of locum doctors
on temporary-employment basis

Recruiting locum doctors made quick, easy and successful

Are you looking for agency doctors for a hospital to bridge a staff shortage? Looking for medical staff is often time-consuming when time is in short supply. That is where we come in, recruiting locum doctors that are perfectly tailored to your requirements profile—our service is quick, legally compliant and reliable.

Hays—your locum doctors agency with expertise and quality

We have over 50 years of experience in HR recruitment and are very familiar with the challenges of finding staff for hospitals and medical facilities. Drawing on this experience, we have been able to devise new recruitment approaches in the past few years, in particular in healthcare, resulting in an extensive network of locum doctors.

Recruitment of locum doctors from any discipline

Whether it's due to holidays, sickness, times abroad or parental leave, in hospitals or medical centres—recruiting locum doctors on a temporary-employment basis with Hays allows you to adapt quickly to market changes and swiftly respond to resource shortages. We recruit highly qualified, verified staff from the following disciplines:

  • medical professionals from any discipline for hospitals, medical centres and doctor’s surgeries;
  • emergency doctors;
  • company doctors or occupational doctors

Feel free to contact our qualified team for a requirement analysis or send us your vacancy directly using our online form.

Recruitment of locum doctors, from locum specialist physicians to on-call duty—verified by Hays

As an experienced agency for locum doctors, we will find adequate locum staff for you in line with your staff requirements and the particular roles that need to be filled. Are you planning an assignment on the ward, in the operating theatre, in the accident and emergency department (A&E) or in the intensive care unit (ICU)? Locum chief, senior or specialist physicians are often needed during holiday times, when your own staff is sick or as a result of other staff shortages. Maybe you need qualified support with on-call duty, or 24-hour and weekend services?

Our experienced key account managers proactively seek out contact with doctors and health professionals. This has enabled us to build a versatile network of qualified medical specialists, including committed young professionals. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today. We’ll be happy to explain our locum doctors recruitment services in more detail.

Hays locum doctor recruitment requires the following minimum qualifications:

  • German licence to practise medicine;
  • positive references from previous locum assignments in the discipline offered;
  • good proficiency in German.

Recruitment of locum doctors with no complications—a quality-assured process in seven steps

To find the candidates exactly matching your requirements, we maintain long-term relationships with hospitals and professionals. In addition, you will benefit from our quality-assured recruitment processes (DIN ISO 9001):

  1. Getting to know each other: In a face-to-face meeting or a telephone conversation, we will jointly analyse your requirements for the locum doctors you are looking for.
  2. Matching your requirements to the locum doctor qualifications: Our team will check our extensive pool of locum doctors for the right candidates.
  3. Personal conversation: Following an initial selection, potential candidates will be invited to an interview with a Hays employee.
  4. Sending of locum doctor documents: We will send you the licence to practise medicine, certificate of specialism, including any other certificates, and the candidate's CV.
  5. Expert interview by phone By phone, your chief or senior physician or the person in charge of your roster can find out for themselves if the candidates are a good match.
  6. Administrative work done by Hays We will handle all the assignment details and the administrative work for you (e.g. legal requirements, membership in pension funds, health insurance).
  7. Temporary employment contract: Legally compliant, quick and predictable. You only pay for hours worked.

Did we convince you? Save precious time by letting us do all the legwork in looking for professionals—we excel in optimised processes and quality, discrete collaboration with clients and locum doctors.

You can contact us by phone, e-mail or using our contact form.

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Using the Compliant Sourcing approach, you can realise your contracts for work and services, statements of work and temp contracts in a fully legally compliant way.

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