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Find a substitute physician for clinics, hospitals, medical care centres and practices


Are you looking for substitute physicians for the hospital sector or at a medical care centre?

Are you looking for interim medical staff to keep your inpatient and outpatient operations running? Relieve your existing medical staff and bridge personnel bottlenecks with substitute physicians. Whether as interim or emergency physicians: With our wide-ranging network of qualified substitute physicians, we will work with you to find the right person for your areas.

With expertise and professionalism – Hays is your reliable recruitment agency for substitute physicians

We look back on more than ten years of experience in recruitment for interim physicians and are very familiar with the challenges of recruiting for hospitals and medical facilities. This allows us to serve your requests very quickly through our extensive network.

Find substitute physicians without complications
a quality-assured process in seven steps

In order to find medical professionals who exactly meet your requirements, we maintain close contact with both the clinics and our surrogate physicians.

Benefit from our quality-assured recruiting processes (DIN ISO 9001):

  1. 1  
  2. Getting to know you

    In a personal or telephone conversation, we jointly analyse your requirements for the specialists you are looking for.

  3. 2  
  4. Matching your requirements... den Qualifikationen unserer Fachkräfte.

  5. 3  
  6. Personal interview...

    ...with potential candidates by our recruiting experts.

  7. 4  
  8. Dispatch of substitute-physician documents

    We will send you a licence to practice medicine, specialist certificate, certificates and curriculum vitae if applicable.

  9. 5  
  10. Specialist telephone discussion...

    ...between your chief physician, senior physician or roster supervisor and our candidates.

  11. 6  
  12. Administrative procedures carried out by Hays

    We clarify all relevant details and take over all administrative tasks for you (e.g. legal requirements, membership in pension funds or health insurance).

  13. 7  
  14. Commission agreement

    We also arrange a corresponding commission agreement for you.

Our contract types for your substitute physicians

Temporary employment

You are looking for temporary employment in hospitals, medical facilities and service companies?

Locum doctors

You are looking for qualified locum doctors?

The benefits you reap via substitute physicians in temporary employment and fixed-term employment

  • We offer you a large selection of qualified and experienced physicians

  • We accompany you through the entire recruiting process (from personnel selection to the onboarding process)

  • We check the minimum qualifications for substitute physicians beforehand

  • We provide you with the first candidates within a few days

  • Our cooperation is not limited with regard to time. There are no minimum contract periods for you to deal with.

  • You have the option of hiring the physicians permanently after the deadline has expired.  

stellen im gesundheitswesen

Recruitment from specialist physician substitution to on-call duty

We will find the right personnel replacement for you – both for a fixed-term permanent position and in the context of temporary employment. As an experienced personnel service provider, we refer exactly to the requirements and tasks that you place on the personnel.

Are you planning to work on the ward, in the operating room, in the central accident and emergency department / emergency room (A&E – ER) or in the intensive care unit (ICU)? Chief physician, senior physician and specialist substitutes often look for medical facilities when vacation, illness or other personnel shortages arise. Perhaps you also need qualified support with on-call duty or 24-hour and weekend services?

Our experienced key account managers proactively establish personal contact with physicians for you. In recent years, we have been able to build up a wide-ranging network of qualified physicians – as well as committed junior staff.

But how do we ensure the qualifications of our medical professionals? The following minimum qualifications apply to our personnel-leased physicians:

✓ German licence to practice medicine,

✓ positive references from previous activities as a substitute physician in the respective specialist area as well as

✓ good German knowledge.

Fee-based physician: as employees of a hospital they are subject to compulsory social insurance

In 2019, the twelfth Senate of the Federal Social Court decided that physicians who work as fee-based physicians in a hospital are subject to compulsory social insurance as employees of the hospital, as they are bound by instructions and integrated into a work organisation. This applies regardless of a possible shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare sector.

Since the judgement dated 04/06/2019, fee-based physicians (or today substitute physicians) can only legally be used in the contractual forms of temporary employment via personnel leasing or fixed-term permanent employment.

Since the term "fee-based physician" is firmly established in language usage, we use it. In our daily work as a recruitment agency for physicians, we adhere to the requirements of the legislator and offer you appropriate forms of contract.

Recruitment and placement of substitute physicians of all disciplines

Whether vacation, illness, stay abroad or parental leave, whether in hospitals, clinics or medical care centres: By recruiting and placing substitute physicians in temporary employment or as part of temporary employment, you can quickly adapt to market changes and react to any resource bottlenecks.

We provide you with highly qualified and certified personnel from the following areas of medical care:

  • Find a specialist physician for clinics, hospitals, medical care centres and practices

  • Emergency physicians

  • Ship physicians

  • Company physicians and occupational physicians

  • Clinical investigators with a specialist title for use in clinical trials

We also close your staff shortages through our substitute physician placement in the following areas:


  • General medicine

  • Occupational medicine

  • Dermatology

  • Otorhinolaryngology

  • Internal medicine

  • Orthopaedics


  • Intensive care unit (ICU)

  • Intermediate Care

  • Central accident and emergency department (A&E)


  • Obstetrics and gynaecology


  • Urology


  • Anaesthesiology

  • Surgery

  • Visceral surgery

  • Cardiac surgery

  • Trauma surgery

  • Vascular surgery


  • Neurology

  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy

  • Psychosomatics



  • Paediatric and adolescent medicine

  • Child and adolescent psychiatry


  • Radiology

For a needs analysis, please contact our qualified team or directly send us the vacancy via our online form.

Save yourself valuable time by leaving the time-consuming search for substitute physicians to us. Optimised processes, quality and discreet cooperation with you and our medical professionals is what makes us stand out above the rest.

We recruit your substitute physicians for you

There is always talk of a shortage of skilled workers in nursing in Germany. We often forget that, in addition to a lack of nurses, physicians have been desperately needed for much longer. There was already a 15,000 shortfall of physicians in Germany in 2022 – and the trend is rising. In addition, there are currently considerable staff shortages in clinics, hospitals, medical care centres, medical practices that arise, for example, due to illness-related absences, holidays, short-term terminations as well as maternity or parental leave.

If medical facilities are faced with such a challenge, it is important to close this staff gap as quickly as possible in order to secure the medical care of patients. In these times, substitute physicians provide a remedy. Specialists in their field, they are employed for a limited period of time or booked by temporary employment.

As a personnel consultancy for physicians, we support you in bridging short-term personnel bottlenecks. We quickly and reliably provide you with substitute physicians who are exactly tailored to your requirements profile.