Success factors of digital transformation
What is corporate culture? What is difficult about corporate culture when it comes to change? How does today's business context differ from that of tomorrow? Generation Y has its own requirements when it comes to business, so what will this mean for corporate culture?

Whether the digital transformation will really succeed, however, does not depend on technology. Rather, the decisive factor for success will be whether a company has the cultural resources to actively and frankly tackle this change.

Requirements to a modern corporate culture
For this reason, everything in our Hays-Forum 2016 will revolve around corporate culture: What must modern corporate culture achieve and how it can continuously renew itself and adapt to market requirements? Prof. Sonja Sackmann will address this question in her lecture "How Can Corporate Culture Ensure the Sustainability of Companies?" using empirical studies and specific, real-world examples.

Video interview with Prof. Dr. Sackmann, PhD. (german)

Hays HR report 2015 / 2016
This first Hays-Forum lecture is based on empirical findings from our current HR report for 2015 / 2016 for which we surveyed over 600 decision makers and which focuses on the topic of corporate culture.

And with good reason: Our HR report annually shows that "soft issues" will be the decisive areas for businesses. At the top of the list is the further development of corporate culture, as this will be the central component for enabling digital transformation. Corporate culture is, above all, shaped by communication, leadership, flexibility and / or a company's willingness to change. Just where companies currently find themselves in these areas will be revealed in this lecture.

You can download the presentation here.