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Social media manager (m/f/d)

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Social media managers: managing corporate image and customer communications

Changing customer behaviour requires companies to adapt their communication strategies. Furthermore, the importance of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where brands and customers meet, is growing. In this context, social media managers are responsible for the creation and maintenance of their company’s web presence in social networks and act as the interfaces between marketing, sales and customers.

Which opportunities do social media managers have on the labour market?

New types of communication lead to new jobs – such as the professional design and maintenance of social media presences for Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Social media management is a rather new profession. The related tasks are not only increasingly relevant for start-ups but also for established companies, especially when it comes to marketing.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of social media managers?

Social media managers are the interfaces between corporate marketing and consumers. They develop both cross-channel strategies and specific contents for individual social networks and ensure that all corporate social media channels are up-to-date and aligned with each other. For this purpose, they must prepare long-term plans in consideration of current news and recent trends. Social media managers are also in charge of customer communication and KPI evaluation in order to assess the success of campaigns. Besides, they report to the management board and marketing department.

  • Development of corporate web presences and communication strategies for all relevant social networks
  • Cooperation with the marketing, customer support and PR department
  • Creation and publication of multi-media content
  • Analysis of target groups and KPIs
  • Communication and customer feedback
  • Support of partners, bloggers and influencers
  • Dealing with topics related to data protection and crisis management

Which hard skills and soft skills should social media managers have?

Social media managers must have an in-depth knowledge of social networks and be familiar with the particularities of different platforms and their users to be able to always strike the right note. Furthermore, they must be able to create high-quality multi-media content, have strong SEO skills and possess a sense for trends. Knowledge of internet law, good skills in strategic planning and a good command of the relevant software and hardware components are required as well.

To successfully interact with customers in social networks and with internal teams, social media managers need good diplomatic skills and empathy and should enjoy communicating with others. In case of critical situations, damages or complaints, social media managers should be able to control development and de-escalation activities.

  • An academic degree in marketing, communication, media sciences or a related field
  • Knowledge of social networks, hardware and software
  • Skills in search engine optimisation
  • Basic knowledge of internet law
  • Strong diplomatic skills and great empathy
  • Team spirit, good communication skills and the ability to deal with critical situations

What is the average salary of social media managers?

Since their profession is relatively new, the job profile of social media managers cannot be fully outlined yet. Consequently, the requirements placed on social media managers differ greatly and their annual salary may range from EUR 30,000 to EUR 60,000. As the significance of their job is increasing, their salary will probably rise, too.