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Engineering draughtsmen: creating detailed plans

Engineering draughtsmen can work in various specialist areas. Their main task is to prepare technical drawings according to standards, both using a drawing board and by means of CAD systems, which serve to create 3D models of their drawings on the computer. In 2011, the profession of engineering draughtsmen was divided into two more specific professions: technical product designer and technical system designer, each of them requiring formal training.

Which opportunities do engineering draughtsmen have on the labour market?

Due to their broad qualification, engineering draughtsmen can work in a wide variety of industries. For instance, they often work in architectural and engineering offices or in design offices of companies, municipal building authorities or energy suppliers. The metal industry offers particularly good job opportunities for engineering draughtsmen. Besides, further training or studies with a technical focus additionally improve their prospects. Find out more about the various specialist fields of engineering draughtsmen and let us help you find your next job!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of engineering draughtsmen?

Engineering draughtsmen mainly prepare technical documents such as drawings and assembly plans for technical plants and devices according to the design engineers’ specifications. Nowadays, they work both with a drawing board and on a computer using complex CAD software enabling them to process their drawings so they are displayed as detailed 3D models on the computer. They also use 3D printers to create 3D components based on their drawings.

Besides, engineering draughtsmen derive parts lists for subsequent production from assembly plans previously created. Their daily business also comprises tasks such as the safe storage of the individual production plans and the backup of data.

  • Preparation of technical drawings and assembly plans
  • Preparation of drawings and sketches using a drawing board
  • Design of 3D models using CAD software
  • Creation of 3D models by means of 3D printers
  • Derivation/preparation of parts lists for the production area
  • Storage of the production plans
  • Data backup

Which hard skills and soft skills should engineering draughtsmen have?

Engineering draughtsmen need to have an excellent technical understanding and the ability to think visually. They must be familiar with working on a computer and must have a good command of CAD programs.

Furthermore, they should possess certain soft skills, such as accuracy and good organisational and communication skills.

  • Good mathematical skills
  • Experience in design and development
  • Creativity
  • A sense of responsibility

What is the average salary of engineering draughtsmen?

On average, engineering draughtsmen have an annual starting salary of EUR 32,000. With increasing professional experience, they can earn between EUR 41,000 and EUR 63,000 per year. Salaries are highest for engineering draughtsmen working in the metal industry or in the field of electrical engineering.

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Engineering draughtsmen usually have a high level of responsibility and are not limited to a certain industry. They prepare technical drawings and plans and use modern CAD software and 3D printers to create models.
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  • Workforce management