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  • Finding the right top candidates requires discretion and trust.
  • We believe in fair, collaborative working relationships.
  • Security at every level: Our actions and activities are based on current legislation and existing compliance directives. Please feel free to get in touch with us.
  • This is why we only recruit highly qualified employees with proven industry expertise.
  • The power is in your hands: We integrate our employees into your company to suit your time frame.
  • Consequently, you pay no personnel overheads, just standard project costs. This makes budgeting easier and more predictable.
  • Over 3,300 customers place their trust in us. Our references
  • We provide single-source, comprehensive offerings.
  • We offer technically specialised teams of experts with excellent networks in 20 cities across Germany.
  • We will give you feedback within 24 hours of analysing your personal needs and procure your required resources within the shortest possible time.
  • And if you find your needs suddenly change, our flexible working practices mean we can still serve you!
  • We are there by your side through the entire selection process – right through to final placement.
  • We provide quality across all levels: integrated, IT-based processes and procedures that cover the entire value chain.
  • We regularly invest in the further training of our employees.
  • We provide security at every level:
    • Price assurance and legal compliance
    • Due diligence and subsidiary liability
    • Economic stability
    • Certified processes
  • Fairness comes first: We strive to provide further opportunities for our staff after their projects are completed.

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