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Industrial engineers: optimising processes and procedures

Industrial engineers are specialists for the optimisation of processes and the ideal design of procedures within industrial companies. They apply their engineering skills to improve their employers’ productivity, focusing rather on management than on typical engineering tasks.

Which opportunities do industrial engineers have on the labour market?

Industrial engineers have a broad range of career opportunities. They are usually not highly specialised in a certain area. Instead, they are management generalists who are sought-after in every industry and by all industrial companies. In addition, the industrial sector plays a crucial role in Germany's economy. Thus, there are many engineering jobs available, offering industrial engineers excellent prospects.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of industrial engineers?

Industrial engineers are mainly responsible for work planning: their task is to ensure efficient corporate processes and procedures. Besides, industrial engineers streamline manufacturing processes, shorten waiting times, enhance logistics systems and are responsible for remuneration, material, equipment and method planning.

  • Work planning
  • Time management
  • Technical procurement
  • Technical sales
  • Project management
  • Business consulting

Which hard skills and soft skills should industrial engineers have?

Industrial engineers require various skills and qualifications. As industrial engineers often work in teams and need to communicate with other departments, they must have certain soft skills – next to the relevant hard skills, of course.

  • A broad range of engineering skills
  • Knowledge of business administration
  • Controlling skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Good communication skills and team spirit
  • Skills in cost and performance accounting
  • Personnel management skills
  • Knowledge of simulation and applied statistics

What is the average salary of industrial engineers?

In Germany, engineers generally have a high salary. Industrial engineers have a starting salary of between EUR 3,000 and EUR 4,000 per month. Later, their average annual salary is about EUR 60,000, which roughly corresponds to the salary of engineers in general. If they have relevant additional qualifications, they may even earn more.