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Industrial engineer (m/f/d)

Industrial engineers: optimising processes and procedures

Industrial engineers are specialists for the optimisation of processes and the ideal design of procedures within industrial companies. They apply their engineering skills to improve their employers’ productivity, focusing rather on management than on typical engineering tasks. The goal is to create the most efficient work processes possible, to rationalise the use of resources and employees, and ultimately to save company costs. This is achieved through optimally developed planning of processes that an industrial engineer creates in his job.

Industrial Engineer

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Are you looking for a new challenge as an Industrial Engineer (m/f/d)?

Industrial engineers have a wide range of tasks related to work planning, quality management and process optimisation. If you are looking for a new industrial engineer job with your knowledge and skills, then let's start your next career step together.

Are you looking for an experienced Industrial Engineer (m/f/d)?

Does your company need strong support in optimising processes, workplaces and investments? Then an Industrial Engineer is exactly the position you should fill.

Are you looking for a new project in industrial engineering?

Are you an expert in advising companies on quality management, process planning and workplace design? Then expand your expertise in a new, exciting project as an industrial engineer with Hays.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of industrial engineers?

Industrial engineers are mainly responsible for work planning: their task is to ensure efficient corporate processes and procedures. Besides, industrial engineers streamline manufacturing processes, shorten waiting times, enhance logistics systems and are responsible for remuneration, material, equipment and method planning.

The tasks of an Industrial Engineer include:

✔ Work planning

✔ Workplace design

✔ Time management

✔ Technical procurement

✔ Technical sales

✔ Project management

✔ Business consulting

✔ Optimisation of processes

✔ Scheduling, capacity and investment planning

Which opportunities do industrial engineers have on the labour market?

Industrial engineers have a wide range of opportunities on the labour market after completing their training. Unlike engineers, the specialisation in a specific field of application is less pronounced. Instead, an industrial engineer is a management generalist who is in demand in every industry. The career prospects are correspondingly good. An industrial engineer can find employment in any industrial company.

The fact that German value creation has a particularly high industrial share has a positive effect on the career prospects of industrial engineers. Accordingly, there are many jobs in the field of engineering. Industrial engineers can also expect job offers in logistics and transport to ensure a stable supply chain. Technical offices are also a possible place to work.

Which hard skills and soft skills should industrial engineers have?

Industrial engineers require various skills and qualifications. As industrial engineers often work in teams and need to communicate with other departments, they must have certain soft skills – next to the relevant hard skills, of course.

In summary, the following knowledge should be brought along: 

  • A broad range of engineering skills
  • Knowledge of business administration
  • Controlling skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Good communication skills and team spirit
  • Skills in cost and performance accounting
  • Personnel management skills
  • Knowledge of simulation
  • applied statistics
  • Good proficiency in English
  • Willingness to perform and initiative
  • Structured work

Industrial Engineering: How much salary is possible?

In Germany, engineers generally earn high salaries. Industrial engineers can expect an entry-level salary of around 3,000 to 4,000 euros per month. The average industrial engineering salary is just under 60,000 euros gross per year. This means that industrial engineers earn about as much as classical engineers.

Higher salaries can be achieved with additional qualifications, further training and increasing professional experience. The industry can also have an influence on the salary of an industrial engineer. The automotive industry and the mechanical engineering sector usually pay the highest salaries.

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