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Energy industry: Successful in building smart cities
With experts from Hays

An industry with a lot of momentum in the course of the energy transition

Renewable energies, decentralisation and digitalisation are rapidly driving the energy sector – and thus also the search for experts.


We will support you with the following skills

  • Project manager
  • Software developer
  • IT consultant
  • PMO manager
  • Administrator
  • SAP consultant
  • Planner
  • Construction manager
  • Construction supervisor
  • Business analyst

Our contractual options at a glance

We will support you with the following contract types






Are you looking for the right specialist for the energy industry?

Are you currently looking for qualified experts? We have excellent personal contacts and we will find the right specialist for you.

From rapid change to real transformation

In the last decade, the energy sector has changed faster and more fundamentally than almost any other industry. After the nuclear power phase-out and the end of coal-fired electricity, the focus is now on the opportunities that digitalisation holds for the energy transition. We need to harness the great potential of digital technologies: to establish a CO2-free energy supply, as defined in the Paris Agreement, the climate goals of the European Union and Germany's national plans to achieve climate neutrality. But also in order to develop new business models for more intelligent power systems – thanks, for example, to smart meter gateways. Established as well as new and agile players in the energy market can take these opportunities – provided they have the relevant know-how. This is especially true in a constantly changing environment, in which many new market participants are already taking part, for example from the areas of big data, IT, automotive or project development.

From traditional power suppliers to top performers in the energy sector

E-mobility, smart grids and smart cities, network expansion, power-to-X technologies, infrastructure and renewable energies place new demands on the skills of employees. Planners and project managers are required, as are software developers, administrators and experts in SAP S/4HANA. As different as their tasks may be, they must all have one thing in common: the ability to act confidently even when faced with complex challenges. These are exactly the candidates Hays can offer you.

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