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IT Consultant (m/f/d)

IT consultants: development of IT projects and strategies

IT consultants are specialists (often hired as an interim manager) who ensure the adaptation of existing IT systems to new requirements and the development and implementation of entirely new solutions within companies. In this context, they act as an interface between the technical software and hardware specialists and the management board or individual departments. They accompany IT projects from planning to successful implementation. In doing so, IT consultants can be entrusted with different areas, such as IT infrastructure or application software.


IT consultant

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Are you looking for a job as an IT consultant (m/f/d)?

IT consultants support the further development or new introduction of IT systems. They do an important job in a wide variety of companies. Find your dream job with us and take on responsibility for a wide range of IT tasks.

Are you looking for an experienced IT consultant (m/f/d)?

Does your company have a gap in terms of IT infrastructure? Close it now with qualified IT consultants from Hays.

Are you looking for a new project as an IT consultant (m/f/d)?

Your knowledge of IT and special software systems is outstanding and you would like to use your know-how to help many companies develop new and better IT systems? Then bring your skills to new projects.


IT consultants work wherever IT projects are planned and implemented. This can be the case in the public sector, in industry and research. Since virtually all organisations, companies and associations depend on well-functioning IT systems, IT consultants are sought-after external advisors.

As with any career, the specific career opportunities depend on various factors, including the individual's education, experience, skills and interests, as well as the specific requirements of the labour market. Through additional focus qualifications, they can significantly improve their prospects in the job. And along with that, their salary.


The salary of IT consultants depends to a large extent on specialisations and experience, as well as on the industry and the size of the projects managed. On average, IT consultants currently earn a salary of approximately 54,000 euros per year If you work in a large company and are a senior IT consultant (m/f/d), the salary is correspondingly higher.


Good IT consultants should have fFounded knowledge in computer science, but also in the methodology of analysis and problem solving, is what an IT consultant needs. The competence to design projects, to assemble and lead the necessary team are also part of the requirements for IT consultants. An IT consultant is usually an external professional. In this respect, they must have the soft skills that allow them to quickly and effectively gain the trust of employees and motivate them in the implementation of IT projects and change management.

The most important hard skills in IT consulting are: 

  • IT expertise and analytical, goal-oriented thinking.
  • Specialised knowledge of sub-areas that are in high demand, such as IT security
  • Methodical, solution-oriented approach
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work in a team

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What are the tasks and responsibilities of IT consultants?

The range of tasks of IT consultants is very diverse and includes, amongst others, the development of entire IT strategies as well as the planning and implementation of software and hardware solutions. They mainly deal with requirements analyses, quality assurance, the calculation of costs and ROIs, the preparation of recommendations for the management board, training courses and quality control.

The most important tasks in the job are:

  • ✔ Development and implementation of strategies and projects
  • ✔ Analysis of processes and structures and identification of requirements
  • ✔ Implementation of system components
  • ✔ Preparation of calculations, presentations and documentations
  • ✔ Conduct of training courses and execution of quality assurance measures

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