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Business consultants: decision support for the management board

Business consultants, also referred to as management consultants, are external experts who support companies with the development of new concepts and with setting the course for future developments. They can provide advice with regard both to specialist fields, e.g. personnel development, and to entire company structures in general.

What career prospects do business consultants have?

Market and economic conditions change just as quickly as technologies. Against this background, customers and business partners expect companies to be able to adapt to new work and consumption habits as well. However, hardly any company can keep up with the ever-changing challenges of a global economy by its own efforts. Therefore, companies usually turn to business consultants when they need some fresh ideas and support with decision-making. Business consultants with pronounced methodical skills, an analytical way of thinking and industry-relevant expertise thus have excellent prospects on the job market of tomorrow.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of business consultants?

In a changing world of work, companies increasingly rely on external specialists. When it comes to ensuring competitiveness of sub-areas or entire companies at global level, business consultants provide an unbiased view from the outside. They assist companies with the diagnosis of problems and with decision-making processes in areas such as planning, development, brand management, customer service and financial planning.

  • Analysis of problems and current states
  • Identification and exploitation of optimisation potentials regarding market and customer orientation
  • Support with decision-making processes
  • Simplification of processes

Which hard skills and soft skills should business consultants have?

There is no specific training to become a business consultant. Besides, the professional title “business consultant” is not protected. Business consultants usually have completed a relevant training in the economic area, for example a course of studies in business administration. They also need to have practical experience and technical know-how as well as an analytical way of thinking and pronounced problem-solving skills.

In addition to good English skills, further foreign language skills are essential. Furthermore, business consultants must possess good soft skills, such as team spirit, a professional and trustworthy appearance, assertiveness and resilience.

  • Business expertise
  • Professional and technical expertise
  • Foreign language skills
  • Resilience, flexibility and good interpersonal skills

What is the average salary of business consultants?

Due to the high demands that business consultants have to meet, their average income is quite high. Initial salaries amount to about EUR 45,000. Depending on the experience, career, references and, of course, the company, a significantly higher salary is possible.