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Quality Manager (m/f/d)

What does a quality manager do?

Quality managers take responsibility for the quality in companies. They develop, document and control quality standards for products and services. But not just that: The optimisation of internal processes and measures is part of the job profile, too.

Since quality managers work in different departments of a company, the tasks can vary widely. The main aspect, however, is identifying improvement potentials and deriving optimisation measures. Therefore, the tasks include regular process, product and supplier audits as well as strategy development.

Every quality manager has a cross-departmental interface function similar as product managers. Thus, the tasks also comprise the communication with the corporate management as well as the coordination with the respective department managers.

Are you wondering what the difference between a quality manager and a quality assurance manager is? Quality assurance is a sub-area of quality management. Quality assurance develops measures to ensure the quality of the end product – based on defined requirements from the quality management.



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Looking for a job as quality manager? (m/f/d)

Are you looking for a challenging job in which you never get bored? You have strong communication skills and know how to convince others with ideas? Then a job in quality management (QM) is just right for you. Take a look at our job board or contact us for further information.

You are looking for a suitable quality manager? (m/f/d)

Would you like to stop getting bad customer reviews? And start taking your products and processes to the next level? Then it is about time to look for a quality manager. In our candidate pool you will find specialists who identify improvement potentials and optimise processes.

Are you looking for an exciting project as a quality manager? (m/f/d)

You have a proven track record as a quality manager and are now looking for a new project? Something that suits your extensive knowledge and does not bore you? Then we should get to know each other. Together, we will find an exciting project for you.

Which skills does a quality manager need to have?

The requirements for a quality manager position are very extensive. They can also vary depending on the industry and company. Here you can find the basic requirements and thus the tools.

Legal knowledge

The knowledge of legal and corporate regulations forms the basis of quality management.

Analytical skills

In order to identify improvement potentials, quality managers need to have a certain affinity for numbers and processes.

Methodological skills

Quality managers know and have a command of quality management methods.

Strong communication skills

As a cross-departmental interface, quality managers communicate with many different people – often in various languages.


Successful quality management means identifying problems and initiating changes. To ensure that the optimisations are of use, quality managers need to motivate their employees and convince them of the improvement potential.

Industry expertise

The quality of processes and products differs depending on the company and industry. Specific industry knowledge therefore promotes and facilitates successful quality management.

How to become a quality manager?

There is no predefined training or career programme for the quality manager job. After all, for your (future) job, you should have a command of quality management methods and basics of business administration. On the one hand, you can acquire knowledge in quality management during your Bachelor or Master studies. On the other hand, experienced professionals can also change their career path and work as quality managers. For this purpose, you can attend extra occupational studies in quality management or undergo further training. There is currently no specific training for the job.

What is the salary of quality managers?

As a young professional, the annual salary is usually between EUR 36,000 and EUR 43,000 gross. As in any profession, the salary of quality managers depends on many factors. Realistic annual salaries amount up to EUR 80,000 depending on industry, company size and training. In addition, the salary depends on the professional experience: Senior quality managers earn more than junior quality managers. The average salary for quality managers is approximately EUR 51,000.

Which opportunities and prospects does a quality manager have?

Quality managers work in a variety of fields in many different industries. Furthermore, quality management is not assigned to a specific division of the company. Almost every company needs a quality management specialist and depending on the type and size of the company, it is even mandatory. Accordingly, there is a high demand and a wide range of opportunities on the (German) labour market.

Moreover, the promotion and career prospects of quality managers are very variable and depend on the respective company and industry. Basically, you can choose from many opportunities – even up to management level.

Top job offers for quality managers

Dream job and dream employee as quality manager – you can find both at Hays

Nowadays, jobs are still mainly found by job seekers. However, due to the shortage of skilled workers and other effects, this will change. Tomorrow's recruiters will look for suitable specialists based on data and build relationships with them. With ourFind & Engage" concept, we combine the best of both approaches and achieve the best matches between companies and candidates.

Are you looking for a new challenge as quality manager? With Hays you will find a job that matches your requirements. We not only place you with renowned companies, we also consult you personally and find out together which preferences you have.

Are you looking for the perfect specialist for your company? We find exactly the profile you need thanks to our search and data analyses. If the candidates match the job requirements, we bring both parties together.

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