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Hays – your personnel service provider for temporary employment

Seize promising opportunities on the labour market with temporary employment

You need variety in your job, would like to get to know different companies, expand your know-how and enjoy the security of permanent employment? All this is possible with temporary employment.

What is temporary employment and what are its advantages? In Germany alone, temporary employment currently gives more than 800,000 experts the opportunity to start a new job and to reorient themselves professionally. Take the opportunity to get to know new professional fields and well-known companies. And if you and our customer are likely to have a successful work relationship, it is also possible to turn a temporary employment into a long-term permanent position.

Temporary work definition

Find temporary jobs in your area

 Temporary employment definition: What is temporary employment?

Working is like riding a bicycle: You can only get ahead if you keep moving. And that is exactly what you achieve as an expert in temporary employment. In the following short definition, we will explain what temporary employment is.

Temporary employment is characterised by a triangular relationship between specialists (experts), a recruitment company and its clients. The experts are deployed flexibly, according to their qualifications, at different clients, but are permanently employed at the personnel service provider for temporary employment.

What you can expect when working in temporary employment for us

Would you like to work for Hays and bring in your skills as an expert in temporary employment?  We will show you how this works best:

  • You are permanently employed by us

  • We manage your leave requests

  • You receive your salary from us

  • We place you for specific periods at our customer who relies your skills

  • You work on a project basis at our customers’

And this is how we work together in temporary employment:

If you are interested, please apply with your application profile and we will conclude an employment contract with you within the framework of temporary employment. For you, this means that you are permanently employed with us – including all the rights and obligations of an employment contract.

When you work at Hays in temporary employment, we ensure:

  • 30 days annual leave,

  • your salary and

  • continued pay in case of sickness.

  • On top of that, you enjoy Hays' corporate benefits.

You ask yourself: Is there a possibility for temporary employment in my vicinity? Yes, because we have clients throughout Germany. We offer temporary employment in Hamburg, Berlin and the Ruhr area, but also in southern Germany and many other regions. From urban to rural areas: All you have to do is to check the vacant temporary jobs in our job database directly.

You do your contractually agreed working hours in companies that need and value your qualifications; you are often assigned to this company for several months, up to a maximum period of 18 months.

For example, you support our clients with your expertise as commercial assistant, project manager, project assistant, buyer or administrator, software developer, medical specialist as well as financial accountant etc. You gain important experience during this time and further expand your know-how.


We also offer temporary employment in the following specialist areas:


As an expert in temporary employment, there are no additional costs – in most cases you will even receive your desired salary.

Advantages of temporary work for employees

✔ Placement of exciting projects that exactly match your profile

✔ Quick application process, which we actively support

✔ Insight into a wide range of industries / companies

✔ Development of new, professional perspectives

✔ Possibility of getting a permanent position at the customer via temporary employment

✔ Professional development through different projects

✔ You will receive references from well-known companies

✔ Strengthen your skills and shape career paths

 Your rights when working in temporary employment

As a specialist in temporary employment, you are permanently employed at Hays. Even beyond your project duration at our customer, you benefit from all your advantages and rights at Hays. Because as a member of the German Association of Temporary Work Agencies (iGZ), we are bound by a collective agreement and draw up our contracts in accordance with labour law.

What this means for you:

  • Reliable and fair salary

  • Company pension

  • Social security

  • Continued pay in case of sickness and leave

  • Support with relocations or set-up of second residences

  • Statutory holiday entitlement  

  • Statutory protection against dismissal and occupational health and safety

  • Individual further training opportunities

  • Extra pays, flexi-time account and special services according to the collective agreement

  • Statutory protection against dismissal and occupational health and safety


If you and the customer have a mutual interest in a permanent position, we will be happy to release you into the company. You will then conclude a new employment contract with your new employer. As you can see, temporary work has various advantages for you as an employee, but also for employers.

Your salary in temporary employment

In temporary employment, as with our other services, your salary depends on the collective agreement. It also depends on the company you work for and which you support with your project-related expertise. For example, we pay more than the legal minimum wage.

And what happens when you are not assigned to any project? We will then continue to pay your salary as agreed. In addition, you will receive industry-specific collectively agreed bonuses, depending on the industry (e.g. medicine or construction industry).

 Temporary employment: The opportunity for lateral entrants

Your CV has gaps or you simply want to try something new? Especially for lateral entrants or those who want to return to work after a longer break, temporary employment offers the perfect opportunity for a new start. Because the focus is not on degrees, work experiences and jobs. What is more important is

  • what you can do,

  • what you want to achieve,

  • what jobs match your profile and

  • where you can best bring in your skills?

As a personnel service provider for temporary employment, we support you in finding your dream job in which you can demonstrate your skills.  We advise you on all questions regarding your application, your application documents or even your social media profile. We are available to you as your contact person, even during your project time at the company. 

Temporary employment – emergency solution or stepping stone?

Temporary employment is only something for the transition and only for employees in the low-wage sector. Such opinions are widespread. The opportunities are often neglected. Temporary employment offers employees excellent opportunities for reorientation, especially during economic crises and challenging times, such as during the Corona pandemic – and this with a low risk.

Experience for yourself how you can get to know new fields of work via temporary employment within a few months. Let’s shape your future together.

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