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Plant designer (m/f/d)

Plant designers: precise planning of technical plants

Plant designers are the pioneers and leaders when it comes to designing complex technical plants. As they design plants in great detail and develop corresponding theoretical overall concepts, creativity, technical know-how and team spirit are required.

Which opportunities do plant designers have on the labour market?

Plant designers can work in many different areas due to their competence and versatility. Depending on their specialisation and qualifications, they support projects at international level – from project concept up to execution. Our rapidly changing world continually offers plant designers new tasks and fields of activity across all industries. Plant designers who keep up with the latest techniques, for example the digital pre-design of plants in mechanical and plant engineering, have good prospects on the labour market, especially if they also have the relevant language skills.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of plant designers?

Plant designers are active in various areas and responsible for different tasks. They create plant layouts and design plans of all or individual machine components. Providing support and advice to the customer as well as making suggestions for the construction of the plant is part of their everyday working life as well. They must have good communication skills to be able to appropriately answer any technical or logistical questions and must be good team players. Plant designers build teams and have a good knowledge of human nature as well as leadership qualities.

  • Design of details or of all components of complex machines and plants
  • Preparation of layout drafts of the plants and coordination of different plant elements
  • Responsibility for technical and logistical questions as well as scheduling aspects
  • Fields of activity: mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering

Which hard skills and soft skills should plant designers have?

Plant designers must have an academic degree in technology, economics, mechanical engineering or a related field of study or a similar technical qualification as well as industry-specific skills. They are always interested in new technologies and enjoy working with commitment and precision.

  • A high level of commitment
  • An interdisciplinary way of thinking and acting
  • A customer-oriented approach
  • International experience and willingness to travel
  • Strong communication skills, team spirit and a high level of flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Good organisational skills
  • A market-oriented approach

What is the average salary of plant designers?

The salary of plant designers depends on the area they work in. Their annual starting salary is about EUR 45,000 and may rise up to EUR 85,000 with increasing experience, specialisations and additional qualifications.

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