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Specialist lawyer for labour law

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Specialist lawyers for labour law: dealing with the legal basics of HR management

Specialist lawyers for labour law are key figures in HR management, especially in larger companies. They are contact persons for and provide legal advice to employers and employees regarding decisions in the field of HR policy.

Which opportunities do specialist lawyers for labour law have on the labour market?

Specialist lawyers for labour law currently have good prospects on the labour market. Positions are available at law firms as well as in the HR departments of companies, employers' associations, trade unions and social service providers. Further training may be required in special HR-related areas or in wage or insurance law.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of specialist lawyers for labour law?

Specialist lawyers for labour law have to master complex tasks and have a high level of responsibility. They are involved in the clarification of corporate labour law-related issues based on the current legislation. They also provide legal advice to the management board. Besides, they act in an advisory capacity in the field of HR policy (in cooperation with HR managers) and in the context of project planning and implementation.

In addition, they are responsible for the training of employees and for the enforcement of corporate interests, for example by issuing warnings to employees.

  • Processing of labour law-related issues
  • Elaboration of HR-related basics
  • Support with and provision of advice during projects on labour law-related topics
  • Provision of advice to the management board
  • Training of employees in the HR area
  • Negotiations related to labour law

Which hard skills and soft skills should specialist lawyers for labour law have?

Specialist lawyers for labour law must have an academic degree in law with specialisation in labour law. Basic skills in wage and insurance law, additional skills in the HR area and long-term professional experience are beneficial.

  • An accurate, solution-oriented way of working and a sense of discretion
  • Good communication skills, oral and written
  • Team spirit, diplomatic talent and assertiveness
  • Professional experience obtained at a law firm or company
  • The ability to prepare legal matters for various stakeholders in a comprehensible manner
  • Reliability

What is the average salary of specialist lawyers for labour law?

The income of specialist lawyers for labour law depends on whether they work for a company or a law firm. The location also has a strong impact, as the salary is higher in major German cities such as Berlin, Cologne or Frankfurt than it is in rural areas. The average salary of specialist lawyers for labour law is between EUR 42,000 and EUR 60,000 per year.

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